A Photo Contest to Quench Your Halloween Thirst!

The decorations. The treats. The ridiculous costumes.

Halloween has to be one of our favorite holidays here at CafePress. Especially when it comes to donning fabtastic costumes, haunted houses, and thinking outside of the box. And the costumes: homemade, store-bought or a mixture of both, it’s always a treat (and sometimes a trick if they’re disguised well enough) to see who wears what, especially the kiddies of CafePressers!

This year, we’re encouraging everyone to share their costumes with us – because we love creativity, self-expression and copious amounts of zombie face paint. (Umm, who doesn’t love that? No. One.) And, if you share a Halloween costume photo on our Facebook page Halloween photo contest, you’ll have a chance to win a FREE custom photo mug. Simply “Like” us on Facebook, upload a photo of your child or pet in a Halloween costume, and VOTE! The top 25 most voted will get those free photo mugs.

Now how’s that for a fun Halloween memory? We think its better than a pillowcase full of candy. Or possibly better than a house-full of kids bouncing off the walls from a candy-induced sugar rush. Coffee is often the answer to life’s many unanswerable questions.

So don’t forget to upload your photo after you’re done trick or treating tonight, and VOTE on your favorite photo! Our contest ends Friday, 11/4. Dress to impress, oh yes.

Halloween photo mugs

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