Meet Marvin E. Quasniki – Next President?

Marvin Quasniki t-shirtWell, the media hubbub surrounding Herman Cain’s decision to suspend his presidential campaign is starting to die down. And with Cain out, it may mean no more pizza for the former Godfather Pizza CEO – but in Willy Wonka terms, that doesn’t mean the race for the republican “golden ticket” is over yet. Especially with the newest candidate who just announced his intent to run.

Meet Marvin E. Quasniki – turquoise farmer from Nevada and newest Presidential hopeful.

For someone who is terrified of muppets (The Swedish Chef has NO EYES people), Marvin is actually OK in my book. He’s got some sass, some humor, and most of all, a personality that is likeable to the public. Ask him about his platforms, and you’ll get a simple answer: “No Bulls%*t!” Take a look at the official Marvin E. Quasniki video channel to see what Marvin’s really all about – and you can find all of his official merchandise on CafePress in the Marvin Quasniki shop.

So determine for yourself if you think Marvin is a good candidate for the 2012 election and get your vote in gear. Maybe you’ll see him on the streets near your town. And for my sake, let’s just hope he doesn’t bring The Swedish Chef on the campaign trail with him.

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