…And Then There Were Four

2012 ElectionsThe GOP field is dwindling, and like in nature, its survival of the fittest – and only the strongest will survive in this race.

Earlier today, Rick Perry made the announcement that his presidential campaign is over – making him the second candidate in a week to drop out of the race (Jon Huntsman left the race on Monday). Perry also made a point to endorse Newt Gingrich, one of the four remaining candidates in the race.

That leaves Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul to duke it out on Saturday in the South Carolina primary. By Sunday, there may be another candidate we see drop out of the race.

While Romney may seem like the frontrunner, new news from Iowa shows that Santorum – and not Romney – was the actual winner of the caucus of their state by less than 40 votes. This may throw a wrench into what Romney saw as an initial victory, and may in fact boost Santorum moving into this Saturday.

Out of the remaining candidates, whom do you foresee winning? And who are rooting for to go against Obama in November? Keep up with our Cultural Barometer elections Meter graph for all the latest info in politics.

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  2. I don’t know, but the whole thing is enough to make you sick, as in the Colbert Super-PAC ad (not-coordinated). See my new shop “Political Buffoonery” for products themed on the topic.

  3. Whatever they say remember what is happening in America. 5.6 percent interest is what I was paid for saving money at the bank. today you get .1 percent and the banks still reel in record profits.
    AND NOBODY CARES. Oh that`s where the money went…

  4. The biggest secret of the 2012 election season can now be revealed; these debates were always intended for picking the vice-presidential nominee, not the GOP presidential prospect. That position will always belong to Charles Elson Roemer III, who needs a raving whackadoodle to balance his ticket. Tell everyone the news!

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