To Love or Not to Love: Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day infographic


With Valentine’s Day on the minds of many today, there is a definite rift between those who are all about the love, and those who could care less about the holiday.

Take my visit to the local Trader Joe’s during lunchtime today, where I saw about six men crowded in the flower section, examining bouquets. With love in the air today, how could they not visit the corner full of beautiful blooms?

Or do you feel the urge to burn through all the flowers, chocolates, balloons and hearts galore today with lasers shooting from your eyes?

Well, you’re not the only one – but you don’t share the sentiments of most people for this holiday. According to the CafePress Cultural Barometer®, which tracked the sales of Valentine’s Day gear off of over the last four years, love reigns supreme in the minds (and hearts) of our users. Observe our infographic: since 2008, pro-Valentine’s Day products have outsold anti-Valentine’s Day gear, 75% to 25%.

So what say you on this dreamy 14th day of February? Are you a lover or a fighter?

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  2. Love! Though as a confirmed bachelor that’s mostly about desperate, pining love from afar…for the woman I created on my ceiling from magazine clippings and old soda bottles.

    She’s held together with nicotine gum and pantyhose, just like a real woman. Yet we can only touch through mop handle.

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