Feeling green? Pin it to win it.


It’s that time of year again…Chicago rivers run green, people don kelly-hued apparel, and little leprechauns seemingly forget to flush. Every mid-March this seems to happen—all in the spirit of being Irish.

So how will you celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day? Chasing rainbows to their very end, hunting four-leaf clovers, or searching high and low (especially low) for real, live leprechauns? Nahhhhhh. We have a better, easier idea for tipping your hat to this Irish holiday. Instead you can kick up your heels and take the CafePress Luck o’ the Irish Pin It Challenge. It’s fun, it’s (P)interest-ing, and even involves a pot of gold. Or…something along those lines.

One lucky lad or lass will win the Grand Prize. And four will win great prizes as runners up. All you have to do is enter on Pinterest to possibly (hopefully, luckily?) win!

Here’s how:

  • Follow CafePress on Pinterest (Don’t have a Pinterest account? You can request one by emailing pinterest@cafepress.com and we’ll send you an invite to join!)
  • Create a Pinterest board that represents the spirit of being Irish. Then title it “CafePress Luck o’ the Irish Pin It Challenge.”
  • Your board should include at least 10 pins that relate to the theme, but the more pins the merrier (or luckier)! At least 5 pins must be CafePress products (check out these awesome examples of St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts, buttons, bags, and more).
  • Under each pin, include the hashtag #CPirishluck.
  • Once your board is complete, email a link to your board to pinterest@cafepress.com Then you’re O’ficially entered!

What you could win:

  • GRAND PRIZE: $100 AMEX Gift Card plus a $100 CafePress Gift Certificate
  • Runner-Up Prizes (4 in all): $50 CafePress Gift Certificate

Need a little magical, outside-the-box inspiration? Check out the CafePress St. Patrick’s Day Pin It Challenge boards below:




• Must follow CafePress on Pinterest to enter (Don’t have a Pinterest account? You can request one by emailing pinterest@cafepress.com and we’ll send you an invite to join!)

• Challenge dates are March 1 through March 8, 2012

• CafePress chooses the top 5 boards that best represent the theme, then:

            •CafePress repins the finalists on the CafePress board

• Pinners vote by liking and repinning items from each board (each repin counts as one vote).

• Person with the most votes (repins) is deemed the Grand Prize Winner

• Remaining 4 entrants each receive a Runner-Up Prize

• There’s no purchase necessary to win!

Official Contest Rules here

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  2. Chicago river turns green huh? Are you guys from Chicago? Or is that a known fact around the country? I ask because Im a Chicagoian born-and-raised, so I know the fact well, but surprised to see it in print. Either way, AWESOME reference.

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