Amy Gets Her Wish

So, many of you took the ol’ Luck o’ the Irish Pin It Challenge. And many more of you voted. Yesterday the finalist boards ended, the votes were tallied, and we’re pleased to announce that creativity ran as far as the green in Ireland. But there was one Irish-lucky winner—Amy O’Brown (okay, there’s not really an O’ in her name)—who definitely stood out as being very Irish in spirit.  Amy was kind enough to include just about everything from leprechauns to rainbows on her ultra-fun board. Did she get her wish and win the pot of gold? Close enough. She won the Grand Prize of a $100 AMEX Gift Card and a $100 CafePress Gift Certificate to spend any way she wants! Not bad, Amy O’Brown.

However, we have to say it was a very tough contest, as ALL the Luck o’ the Irish boards were simply amazing. Each of the Challenge finalists will win a $50 CafePress Gift Certificate (delivered directly by an official Irish leprechaun). Okay, again, just a bit of Irish fun. But they will get a $50 CafePress Gift Certificate.

A huge thanks to all who participated and voted! If you happened to miss this challenge, no tears—we’re big on granting wishes around here. There will be more challenges and contests in the near future. And for all you Pinterest lads and lassies, be sure to follow us on the CafePress Pinterest page – we’re always adding new pins and boards!

Until then, Slainte!


Congratulations Amy Brown with her winning board:

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  2. I am a Newby to the Cafe Press family with my Store The Creation Station Coming Soon. I hope That we can be an Asset to The Cafe Press family. Looking forward to Producing and Prospering with you all. Thank You Cafe Press for this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. I hope Much Success for everyone!

  3. Oh and Amy I am very sorry for Not Acknowledging the Fact that Congratulations is the order of the Moment. So here it is Props and Congrats to Ms.Amy for Her accomplishments


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