Hot (dog) to trot

A dog’s place as a best friend is well-acknowledged; perhaps lesser-known, however, is that dogs make nice dancing partners too.

Japan has a new trend taking hold: dance lessons with your dog. Which is to say that both you and your dog can learn to cut a rug together.

  • The pro: if he steps on your feet, it probably won’t hurt.
  • The con: if you step on his, you might be in for a hefty vet bill.

Reuters covered this groovy dog sport, complete with interviews. (Of the people. The dogs declined to comment.)

disco dog t-shirtA search of the CafePress Marketplace leads to 9,000 unique dancing dog t-shirts, with about 600 more added that carry some very specific dancing dog imagery. This makes us wonder how many of you are out there dancing with your dogs.

(This also makes us wonder when the Target Dog will make a guest appearance on “Dancing with the Stars.”)

We therefore look forward to the day that someone sends us a video of a coordinated dog dancing troupe wearing matching dog t-shirts.

And if you’re training one, email us. We’d love to see it. And we might even donate the shirts.

  1. Dancing with your dog has been growing in the UK and USA for quite some time now. I first covered the activity on my DogPlay web site in 1996. Musical Freestyle began about 1991 in Canada. There are some very famous videos of the wonderful teamwork that develops in dancing with your dog.

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