Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Hot Buttons. We’ve all got ‘em—and every single one of us gets our undergarments in a twist about one thing or another. Maybe you’re anti-Romney, anti-“hope,” anti-taxes, anti-second amendment or even just anti-workin’ for a living. Wait—that’s good. Everybody break and put their feet up…excellent!

Point is, people have been voicing complaints, compliments and out-loud observations about society since the term was first coined. Sticking their views right on their lapels via buttons. This habit of button-wearing for a cause actually goes back centuries; even America’s iconic, powder-wigged original leader himself had these campaign tchotchkes to pass out. Yes, way back in 1789, little brass “G.W.—Long live the President” buttons were sewn right onto the jackets of George Washington’s supporters. In 1860, President Lincoln similarly offered up campaign buttons, as did McKinley in 1896, etc., etc.

So, what’s your 2012 issue or passion you’d love to stick out there? Wanna give a shout out for recycling? Trekkie conventions? Your favorite candidate? Whatever it is, we’ve got a button for you (or if not, you can design your own!). That’s the beauty of CafePress—it’s “any button for one, or one button for all. You pick.” Can’t imagine why that slogan hasn’t taken off.

Top button collectors say it’s a timeless form of expression. “By removing the barrier for individuals to produce unique items in limited quantities, CafePress provides today’s users with the ability to create tomorrow’s collectibles,” says Chris DiGiovanna of Trader Chris Consignments in Pittsboro, North Carolina. “Who knows what sort of things you’ll see from CafePress selling on eBay in 5, 10, or 20 years?”

To sew it up, political campaign buttons are a great way to get your point across. CafePress buttons are subtle, yet also provide a message with a lot of sticktoitiveness. The perfect 2012 political companion!! And you can get ‘em now at CafePress.



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