Captain’s Log: Press It! “Most Pressed” Contest Winner Takes Grand Prize

Rebecca, of West Virginia-based Magic Garden Designs, is the Grand Prize Winner of CafePress’ hugely successful “Most Pressed” Contest. Despite tough competition, Rebecca’s design took off – boldly going where no designer had gone before—to the top of Most-Pressed product board. Congrats Rebecca!



What’s Rebecca’s secret to topping the CafePress Pressboard™ page charts with her out-of-this-world Star Trek™ TNG mug? CafePress got details on her inspiration for the cleverly nuanced design that rewarded her with a brand new iPad!

Rebecca says her boyfriend, a self-proclaimed Trekkie, was her muse for the design. She says he “really wanted a Captain Picard mug.” To embody the essence of the revered character, Rebecca strategically wrapped the mug’s white background in a design inspired by Picard’s uniform then accented it with Captain’s-rank gold buttons and badge. Because Picard is admired for his quotable moments, such as “Engage,” “You have the bridge Number One,” and of course, his well-known beverage machine order, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot”, Rebecca says it seemed fitting to include it on her Star Trek-inspired mug.

Rebecca is “thrilled” to have won the Press It contest Grand Prize. She says to secure this win, she rallied everyone she knew to “Press” her captain’s mug to the CafePress Pressboards— tweeting, posting to Facebook, emailing…you name it. “I LOVE my new iPad and I’m excited about the marketing suite for Magic Garden Designs,” which will help her continue to build on the success of her CafePress store.

The CafePress Pressboards are “forward-thinking,” says Rebecca. “It gives me the ability to see which of my designs people want to Press, and I find inspiration from other designers’ Pressed products. It helps me track what’s trending (and what’s not) so it keeps me current.”

Captain’s Log: Will Rebecca rally her friends and fans to keep “Pressing” now that the contest is over? “LOL, absolutely!”

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