Open Letter to USA Congress – Budget Savings Proposal

TO:                     United States House of Representatives

FROM:               CafePress

SUBJECT:          Budgetary Savings Proposal – Government Portraiture

DATE:                 November 14, 2012

USA House of Representatives,

As you know, many Americans are concerned about the economy, government spending and the “Fiscal Cliff” our nation faces. As such, I’m sure you can appreciate the surprise many feel when hearing about unusual or unexpected government spending.

This week Jim McElhatton of the Washington Times wrote an article titled “Picture This: Cabinet Portraits For Big Bucks” – which got us thinking – we can help the government save money!

Sample Portrait of President Obama

We write this as an open offer to help the government realign spending on portraiture. We in no way intend to imply that portraits of outgoing Cabinet and top administration appointees are unimportant; to the contrary we are fans of art in all formats. We do however suggest that we can provide a model for saving money on this program.

As an example, the article notes that the Environmental Protection Agency spent approximately $40,000 on a portrait of Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. CafePress can offer similar museum quality art at a savings of 99%. The math breaks down as follows:

  • Government commissioned price: $40,000
  • CafePress/Canvas on Demand 36X48” canvas – $350 (including shipping)
  • Savings – $39,650 or 99%

In addition to cost savings, we can offer speedy service – no more waiting 8-14 months for delivery! All we’ll need to get going is a high-resolution photograph of each official, license to digitally manipulate that photo to create the desired artistic effect, and we can deliver finished art in less than one week.

Last, I would like to add that all canvas art created by CafePress and Canvas on Demand is Made in America, so each portrait purchase from the government helps the economy and helps keep jobs in America.

If you are interested in learning more or discussing this cost savings plan we can be reached at (502) 995-2220.




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