Canceled Crock Pot Orders

Unfortunately, this week we encountered a problem with leaked promotional codes resulting in canceled custom Crock Pot orders. What follows is an explanation of the situation that resulted in cancelled orders, but first an apology to our customers. Please know we deeply regret the circumstances that led to the cancelation of orders and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

The promotional code in question was distributed strictly to the studio audience of 200 who attended the taping of “The Doctors” show on Thursday, January 17th. This promotional code was intended only for that group of attendees. However, it was posted online by someone other than CafePress, and then spread virally.

As soon as we found out this was happening we turned the code off and began the process of sending out cancellation notices for any orders placed outside of the original group of 200 attendees.

If you did not attend the taping and placed an order with this code your order will be canceled.

If you have questions, please contact Customer Service to determine the status of your order. You can also login to your CafePress account and check the status of your order here.

Customer Service – (877) 809-1659 (9-9 EST Mon – Sat) or click here to email us.

CafePress Customer Service

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