Are You Ready for an All-New CafePress Experience?

Big changes are coming to CafePress very soon! We’re putting our amazing design community, the people who make our products unique, front and center. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in July.

We’ve also added the ability for people to follow designers. Build your own following. Connect with other designers you love. Discover your biggest fans.

Spotlight on Designers!

New public profiles will help customers connect better with their favorite designers and graphic artists. Set a profile picture. Tell us a little about yourself with a short bio. Connect on social media by linking to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles. Customers will discover the newest designs from their favorite designers as soon as they’re added!

Creating products has never been easier

We’ve been working hard on new technology, so anyone can make a sale-ready collection of amazing products with hardly any effort. Using our new smart image analysis, we create the products that suit your image best. It’s automagically cropped, positioned and scaled for you!

See what’s happening like never before…

Thousands of interactions happen between members of our community every day. We’re making this activity visible in the new Dashboard. Designers can see all your likes, comments, sales and more – in real-time!

Look for the new experience in early July. Get a sneak peek here!

  1. When is this going to happen? It certainly is frustrating & time consuming to have to edit each item, and fix prices, since the mark up doesn’t work for each item. I just uploaded a new design and it’s not working yet….

  2. I’m loving the new “social” atmosphere you’ve added to the site. The dashboard is a so much more convent way to see what’s selling, and I love being able to follow other designers, who’s work I appreciate, see who’s following me, and who’s liking my stuff.

  3. I’m glad you guys are working on improving the site, but you still have a LONG way to go. I hopped back in after not working on my shop in some time, hoping to see it easier to add new products, but it seems nothing has really changed enough for me. Adding new products to my hidden “base” shop is still a pain, as it’s difficult to organize the new items into the old. I just tried to make a new section in my shop to test out how all the new stuff is working, and I see that there STILL are problems with the markups. I set it to “Marketplace” but some items are marked up by nearly double the base price, and some even more than that. Looking to see if there are any that simply don’t have a markup at all like I found the last time I tried to work on my shop.

    I really would like to get back into working on Cafepress shop. I recently got a commission check; I haven’t gotten any yet from my shop on a competitor site. But Cafepress has become too difficult to work with and the problems have been around for far too long. I don’t have the time or the patience to go through so many items and check the prices on every single one to make sure they’re reasonable.

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