McCain vs. That One, round 2

Tuesday night’s Presidential debates went off with Tom Brokaw as moderator in a town hall style affair, leading to a couple new buzzwords that have made their way to merchandise.

McCain referred to Obama as “That One” during the debate, which some found insulting and others just found to be fodder for some unique Halloween buttons.  (No word on whether this person is handing them out instead of candy this year, but they are available in a 100 pack.)

McCain’s repeated use of “My friends” to introduce his points also resonated with Obama supporters, who are taking the time to remind the Senator that he is not Tom Anderson and they’re not feeling the friend vibe.

Most the commentary out there gives the win for last night to Obama, including more conservative news sources.  What the American people thought of this specific debate, of course, will be history in a month – that’s when the voting speaks louder than any candidate buzzword.

The third and final Presidential debate is next Wednesday, October 15th.

  1. My daughter put it best. She said, “McCain looked like an angry old man looking for his car in the parking lot. He was convinced the articulate, good looking black guy stole it but in reality, he forgot where he parked it.”

  2. Wake up America! Obama is indeed the wolf in sheep’s clothing! His followers are as lambs to the slaughter, and they would drag the rest of us down with them! Obama is the new face of Communism! He and his buddies, ACORN and Bill Ayers, hate America and will destroy it if we let them! Their agenda is to destroy capitalism and replace it with socialism! Sound the alarm! Wake up before it’s too late!

  3. Thesea,

    Thanks again for showing us how you conservatives are full of hate and fear mongering. You will not get into your heaven with those views.

    Other “nice” things conservatives have said at the Palin rallys… “Kill Him” to the cheers of the crowds.

    After 8 years of Republican rule our country is in shambles. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. Every company is interested in the character of prospective employees. Obama’s years-long associations with ACORN, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko are not isolated incidents. There is a pattern here. How can we put a man in the White House who has chosen to listen, for twenty years, to a pastor who uses curse words against God, preaches hatred against whites and Jews, and spews racism and hatred for his own country? Obama is unfit for public office…what a disgrace!

  5. We use his full name, and we get in trouble. We don’t use his name at all, and we get in trouble. That Hussein one better settle on what we’re allowed to call him, or no one will be able to find his name on a ballot.

  6. Amazing.

    “Curse Words against God.”

    “Preaches hatred against whites and Jews.”

    “.. spews racism and hatred for his own country.”

    “years-long associations with ACORN, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko”

    I thought lying was a sin. (You do know these are lies put forth by bloggers etc.)

    I guess its better to vote for a man who has had numerous affairs on his wife, didn’t find “God” until he ran for public office, had a problem with alcohol, called for a war that killed thousands of our troops and tens of thousands of innocent civilians instead of going after the real terrorists, and was an instrumental part of deregulating wall street which has led to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

    I guess I see your point. Vote for the rich white guy who is a “maverick” and an “outsider”. That happened 8 years ago and look where we are now…

  7. So that’s your defense, Ryan? ” Deny, deny, deny. Lies, lies, lies.” Sorry but that’s not a valid defense. You obviously didn’t do your homework, or you’d know that it’s the truth. Or maybe you do know… And this economic crisis happened under the leadership for the last two years of a Democratic Congress headed by Nancy Pelosi. Here’s a challenge…Can anyone name one friend of Obama’s? Just one. He’s had to distance himself from all his associates and his pastor…doesn’t anyone find that odd? Where is one quote from anyone who can attest to his character? Anyone?

  8. He (Obama) wants to run our beautiful country and he can’t even do something simple like quitting smoking? If he couldn’t quit smoking think about his admitted heroin usage. Then watch him on stage as he tips his nose with his fingers… A sign that you would look for in your child if you suspected drug use.. (Ok if you disagree then how about calling it a really bad tick?)
    But that’s ok because he will be the next President just because of one thing…… Everyone knows the answer. (But I won’t say it here) The Obama lambs just don’t get it! This country is too good and too many have died protecting it for it to be taken down by a terrorist agenda as Obama obviously has ties with. ACORN, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko. Answer this? Where is Obama’s schoolmates? His friends? His family? His employers? His college classmates? His wifes friends? His wifes family? His wifes classmates? His ties with American citizens? C’mon, he is a Sharleton, we don’t need a Con artist Fraud like this Sharleton in the White House. Kids singing about him and getting on their knees praying to him? Fellow Americans Please beware of this candidate.

    I have always been a democrat until I saw that people are flocking to him as if he were the christ. I now vote republican even though I actually hate McCain. mcCain isn’t the best either but with the choices of being A true American, or a person who hates America and wants to see it destroyed? I choose A true American. So I vote what’s good for my country.. I Vote for McCain!

    This is my personal opinion and because it is my America, I do have the right to free speech.
    Have a awesome night.
    God Bless..

  9. Mr. McCain are you our HERO or not get some passion .Oboma should have been arrested as a felon along with those Acorn Community Organizors. Isn’t that the way he was elected by all the frienships he keeps they elevated him to the senate by some shady push. whose minding the store up in Washington?

  10. The “THAT ONE” thing is becoming really popular here i must say.
    I’ve made a new slogan for obama:

    Now i think “THAT ONE” (my slogan) is better. I put that on several shirts. The stickers and magnets/buttons looks more beautiful though.

    Regards to everyone!

  11. Love your daughter’s angle Ron…the angry old man looking for his car. Fits McCain to a tee!

    Thesea and ingrid make some interesting(?) if somewhat tweaked arguments, but I think we’re all missing THE most important issue here… McCain has a come-over!! Do we really want someone leading our country with a come-over?!?! I think it’d be better if he had a mullet!

    Anyway America, let’s not let the Repubs divide us again with their hate and fear-mongering! We’re smarter than to fall for that same old junk again!

  12. Make that a “comb-over”…

    “come-over” is what McCain says to Sarah Palin when Cindy’s out of town! DOH!

    Just kidding… lighten up everybody!

  13. Ingrid, apparently you weren’t a smoker, or at least not for long. But, don’t worry, tobacco doesn’t cloud the judgment, and I’m sure Mr. Obama hasn’t hit the bong in many years. Nor, indulged any other recreational drug, as you implied. If he has, and got where he is, he’d be super-awesome sober! McCain, however, looks to have a hangover, regularly. I could be wrong.

    This country IS too good, freedom is a wonderful thing. And, too many have died for the personal freedom we enjoy. To give up any of that freedom is to slap in the face those dead. They died for us to have it, it’s on us to enjoy it and recycle the effort to be sure our children have it, too.

    The last eight years, that freedom has been chipped away. The Republican paradigm has been proven to be an authoritarian, imperialist, fascist entity. McCain-Palin looks like Caesar/Grand Inquisitor for president. Or, little old aneurism – crazy church lady for president.

    Though we have a democrat congress now, it’s not by enough to get anything done. The president can veto anything and everything they put forth, and they don’t have the plurality to override the veto. So, to put any failure of action on the democrats is to misplace it. For 6 years we had a republican president AND a republican congress. A -deregulation- congress. That’s where the failure lies.

    I don’t support Obama because I’m a sheep. I support Obama because I believe he has my interests at heart. The guilt-by-associations that are thrown around are lame and already disproved. The emphasis on his middle name is as appropriate as nailing JOHN McCain with the JOHN Wayne Gacy coincidence.

    I think that the one-time-only position Obama may hold, of being the first president with African lineage, puts the weight of microscopic history on his shoulder. I believe he will rise to the unique situation and do his utmost to make a mark that history will treat kindly.

    McCain, on the other hand, I don’t believe has anyone’s interests other than those in his country club and who can help him achieve what he feels entitled to, at heart. His history is corruption, mediocrity and infidelity. His life is privileged and gated. His proposals are what Bush would approve, they “give the (to working class) with one hand and take away with the other,” Social Security is an “entitlement” he still wants to give to Wall Street, and his team is K-Street.

    I work for a living. Unions, pretty much across the board, stay with Democrats. Being without trust-fund, the only hope of representation I have is with the Democrats, at this time.

    Peace allows freedom. Peace out.

  14. The irony is that I’ll be voting for “that one” even though MY family gets the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy, whereas Obama’s plan taxes us. Why? Because I’m a trust fund baby who knows I didn’t earn the money that paid for the house I’m living in, whereas all my friends of the same age are working their BUTTS off, trying to pay off mortgages and raise kids, one health problem away from financial disaster. I’m not callous enough to miss that all that separates me from them is a silver spoon! Historically, Republican administrations have run up deficits and given tax breaks to the wealthy (that’d be me) and corporations while taxing everyone else at a high rate — then doing bailouts of struggling big companies. No, not just the current bailout; I remember the last banking bailout in which McCain’s big banking cronies got their golden parachutes and a government handout, unless they REALLY had done so many crooked things they wound up in jail. (See: McCain’s fundraiser and coroporate jet supplier, Charles Keating). I also remember the Chrysler government bailout in which Lee Iacocca had the audacity to pen a book about success after getting the government dole. So much for free-market capitalism. I want the Dems back in charge to bail out the deficit and curb the big government which, ironically, has ballooned in the last 8 years. I hate waste, but at this point I’d rather see my tax dollars wasted on a nationwide BASKETWEAVING JOBS INITIATIVE — at least it would mean American jobs and productivity — as opposed to Iraq and Chinese banks!

  15. Helen –
    How incredibly refreshing to hear someone who was lucky enough to be born into a privileged situation show some empathy for all the working stiffs out there who’ve gotten the shaft from W, Cheney, etc! If only more people in the upper income brackets felt the same as you this would be a much better country, that’s for sure!

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