Stay Signed In (But Stay Secure)

As part of our continuing effort to streamline work for our cadre of awesome and talented designers and graphic artists, we recently added a feature to our login. If you click the box that says “Stay Signed In” then your login will be persistent.

This can be really useful for designer who may be hopping back and forth between browser window for uploads, and their design software for creation. It should also help create a more consistent experience even for customers as we continue adding new features to the site, like our Share & Win $1000 contest.

As with anything, there are perks and there are caveats. Just like with your Facebook or web mail accounts that use persistent login, use good sense. Don’t leave your laptop unattended while logged in at a public place. Log out when you’re using a shared computer (the logout button is right under your name at the upper right of the main menu).

Or, if you prefer, just don’t check the “Stay Signed In” box if the feature isn’t right for you.

We’ve got a lot more new features coming your way to make CafePress a better experience for everyone. Stay tuned!

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