Rewarding Good

CafePress is constantly looking for new ways to reward our best designers. Today, we’re announcing a two-step plan to do just that with our commission rates. First, effective immediately, the commission rate for Marketplace designs uploaded through our design and list feature is being raised to 10 percent from 8 percent. This provides equal reward for the Marketplace, regardless of where or how the image was submitted.

In the next few weeks, we will roll out details of a new, performance-based commission program that will give our best designers an opportunity to earn even more than they do today.

Our concept is focused on rewarding “good” designs and designers. For this new commission program, our definition of “good” must be broad. “Good” doesn’t necessarily mean “pretty” in the aesthetic sense. It may also mean that the design sells well, or that the community likes, shares or comments on the design more than others.

We are also focusing on rewarding “good” designers – those who have complete profiles, are active in the community, have sales activity, social responses to their designs and opt-in to promoting their content on social networks.

The average commission rate for sales in the CafePress Marketplace will remain at or near 10 percent, but our best performing designs and designers could see higher commission rates, up to 15 percent. Lower performing designs and designers may see lower commission rates.

To be clear: These commission changes will not affect sales made in shops. These adjustments are only for Marketplace sales.

We will share more details on what qualities and measurements will be used to determine the commission rates in the coming weeks. Rest assured, you will know and understand what you can do to raise your commissions before any changes are made.

For more information and to ask questions/offer feedback, see our forum thread on the topic here:

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  1. It’s so nice to see a company that doesn’t have to but chooses to rewarded their users additionally.

  2. It’s great CafePress is increasing the reward for best designers. But I’m also impressed by other changes here; better shop owner interface, more products, faster uploads, easier customizations – you’ll be seeing more new designs from me.

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