Your Palin Halloween costume is just a moose bag away

With all the talk of the election, the debates, the economy, the bailout, and AIG taking their $85 billion dollar taxpayer-funded bailout as permission to spend $440,000 on a corporate retreat complete with $23,000 in spa treatments for its executives, it’s understandable that many of us just haven’t had the time to think about what we want to be for Halloween.

But never fear – Sarah Palin is here!

Palin made headlines by accessorizing with a canvas tote that reads “Real Women Hunt Moose.”  It’s of note that this bag is the usual canvas, reusable type of tote bag used instead of plastic bags by the eco-conscious at the grocery store; no word as to whether Palin’s bag was filled with groceries, moose meat (is that a grocery item or a field win?) or was simply a gift from Jessica Simpson.

In any case, Palin’s bag reminds us that Halloween is coming up, and we have a few suggestions for those of you who want to be a pit bull sans lipstick/hockey mom/barracuda/Wasilla resident this year.  Whether you think the costume is fun *or scary, we can accessorize your Palin Halloween for you.  The content, as ever, is up to you.

What you’ll need:

1) Moose hunter’s tote bag

2) Palin-esque glasses

3) Shirt to go under your suit

4) Lipstick

5) A button (We know, we know, she wears a pin.  But this is a costume and some creative license is allowed.)

6) Thong

7) If you really want to get into the spirit there’s a variety of accessories that you can tote along with you.  A fake hunting rifle is the most obvious, but we really like this inflatable moose head as well.

And if you want to do a group costume, you can always have a friend or two dress up as moose and go running from you.  We even have shirts for the moose.

So don’t fret – your Halloween costume is just a few shopping carts away from being relevant, fun and something that doesn’t require too much goopy makeup.  (Just don’t forget your lipstick.)

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  2. Obviously “Political Sky” does not comprehend how the volunteer military works and that is so typical of the liberal blog sites.

    Our current military men/women asks where they wish to serve,i.e.,Iraq,Germany,S.Korea,Japan…just to make it simple for you to understand,they have the option to serve where they wish.

    And what is wrong with moose,elk,deer hunting?

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