Owl Always Love You

We know that we’re in the middle of retiring our own owl mascot. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate that owls are still a pretty popular design trend, especially in our growing home and decor line.

Owls represent wisdom, a timely topic as kids and college students are headed back-to-school. They can also harken back to the kitschy (and nostalgic) retro design aesthetic of the 70s. ¬†Remember “Give a hoot! Don’t pollute?” and the Tootsie Roll pop commercial with Mr. Owl?

Whether you’re going for a cute, retro, or eco style, owls are a fun element to include. Here are a few popular designs we found:


  1. Its a really nice mascot design. Just wondering if there were any videos to showcase the mascot, or a life version of produced for people to buy – guess it would have been a good idea especially if people have shown an interest to like the bird.

    It will really be nice to create a video of a branded owl mascot with quotes of wisdom.

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