CafePress Incentivizes Congress To Grow Up Through Handouts

Tired of the infantile Congressional gridlock and an unwillingness to act for the good of Americans above party alliances, today online customization platform drew a line in the sand hoping to stimulate partisan cooperation by incentivizing Congressional Democrats and Republicans to become best friends forever, aka BFFs. In short, CafePress is begging Congress to grow up!

And, if members of Congress choose to collectively act like adults — rather than small children — CafePress will give a corporate handout to Americans nationwide.

The skinny:If Congress passes a real budget by midnight tonight (not an extension or an Omnibus spending bill), CafePress will give away 100,000 bumper stickers celebrating Congress’ new BFF status and send a BFF t-shirt to every member as a thank you on behalf of the American people. You can see the design at right.

CafePress is happy to provide handouts to the American people if it can inspire Congress to do their job, act like adults, stop taking their ball and going home, and actually passing a budget for once.

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