For a Limited Time Only (We Hope!)

shutdown_no_taxes_tshirtWell, it was worth a try. Yesterday, we offered a little incentive for the guys in D.C. to get a grip and do their jobs. But apparently, offering 100,000 free bumper stickers to the American public wasn’t enough to get these guys to budge on a budget.

But hey, we’re optimists. If the government shuts down, does that mean we can quit paying taxes? With no money to pay park rangers, does this mean Bob in accounting can fulfill his lifelong dream to rope and rodeo ride a bear at Yellowstone National Park? Maybe there’s a win in here for someone after all.

Or maybe we can all just commiserate and commemorate our government’s general state of petulance with this attractive t-shirt? Available for a (hopefully!) limited time, once Congress is up and running again, this baby will be gone, gone, gone.

But for now, you can snag it for $10.99.  The same numbers on the IRS form these guys will need for their new jobs after the next election.

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