Now Trending: This year’s hot Halloween costumes are…

It’s October. Time to cue the spooky, ummm, royal…no, we mean downhome music. Last year, Honey Boo Boo and Korean pop sensation Psy led the charge for must-have Halloween costumes. But for 2013, CafePress research predicts a brand new batch of Top Ten costume contenders, many of which may surprise you.

Based on consumer purchases of pop culture trends from, our research says this year’s most popular costumes will include Sharknado, Carlos Danger and those little yellow Minions. But the top two picks? They blew the other eight away. Our number two prediction really knocked us senseless, pulling in 1200% more sales than the eight contenders behind it—combined! And of course our number one pick is also sure to hit Halloween with a bang—a big one—as its sales were double that of its very-much-alive-and-kicking runner-up.

According to CafePress research, the Top Ten Trending Costumes for Halloween 2013 are:



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