8 Awesome Mustache Styles (and a Bonus!)

It’s that time of year! No Shave November! Have you been growing out your ‘stache this Movember? I don’t usually like growing out my facial hair, but in the spirit of Movember, I’ve decided to partake in the tradition.

I mustache you a question, what are your favorite Mustache Styles? Here are 8 of my favorite (in random order):

8. The Chevron

The Chevron Mustache

photo credit: Kordite via photopin cc

Now that’s a manly ‘stache. Tom Selleck anyone? How many of you are going to be looking like this at the end of Movember?

7. Pencil Mustache

The Pencil Mustache

photo credit: eltejano via photopin cc

How about the iconic Pencil Mustache? Hopefully you don’t look as creepy as this guy.

6. Dali

The Dali Mustache

photo credit: bbaltimore via photopin cc

Anyone brave enough to pull this off? Props to you if you can.

5. Handlebar Stache

Handlebar Mustache

photo credit: dadblunders via photopin cc

You can’t go wrong with the iconic Handlebar Mustache! Can you get yours as thick as this guy’s?

4. The Horseshoe

The Horseshoe Mustache

photo credit: DBarefoot via photopin cc

Kind of looks like a horseshoe… But he doesn’t look too happy about it.

3. The Walrus

Walrus Mustache

photo credit: the trial via photopin cc

He really does like look a Walrus doesn’t he? Could have fooled me.

2. Imperial

Imperial Mustache

photo credit: azz via photopin cc

Now that’s a gnarly stache. How long do you think this took him to grow? He must get all the babes.

1. Fu-Manchu

Fu Manchu Mustache

This is the length I’m going for. If I can someday stroke my whiskers while I ponder about ancient wisdom, my life is complete.


And here’s Day 6 of my whiskers. My friends call it:

The Catfish

Brian's Catfish Mustache

(Shameless Selfies in the bathroom)

But the best Mustache goes to this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=081dHOYY6IE

It’s okay if you’re not ready to rock the Mustache on your face, but show your support with a shirt!
















Have a really cool Mustache you want to share? Post it in the comments!

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