4 New Ender’s Game Posters & Wall Art Designs

Have you checked out the new Ender’s Game movie yet? (I still need to read the book…) A brutal future where kids are forced to make impossible choices just so their families can hope to survive? Wow. Sounds familiar.

For those die-hard fans of the book & movie, be sure to grab one of these new Ender’s Game Poster or Wall Art designs to get your HQ looking ready for action:

1. Dragon Army Poster

Dragon Army Poster

2. Rat Army Canvas Art

Rat Army Canvas Art

3. Salamander Army Framed Print

Salamander Army Framed Print

4. Asp Army Mounted Print

Asp Army Mounted Print


Which school will you represent?
And if you plan on watching the movie, make sure to grab some T-shirts, Hoodies or some other Ender’s Game swag here.





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