Notes of encouragement…presented by CafePress to fired Affordable Healthcare employee

In October, Earline Davis, a call center operator for the newly launched received a call that would change the course of her year. It was popular radio host Sean Hannity seeking answers to questions focused on the Affordable Care Act.

For speaking to Mr. Hannity on-air, Ms. Davis was relieved of her job. However, thanks to the generosity of his listeners, the American public, and the people in Ms. Davis’ community, much has been done to repair the damage inadvertently done.

Hannity personally and generously paid Davis’ salary for one year while vowing to assist her in finding another position within her region (by her request). However, as this story progressed, so did the outpouring of support for Davis’s situation, as did notes of support came pouring into the Sean Hannity radio show.

The show set up a special email inbox for such well wishes and requested encouraging comments be directed there and over the course of six weeks, CafePress volunteered to collect those messages of support and design and print a bound book for Davis to treasure those notes of encouragement.

Excerpts from the book, presented by CafePress CEO Bob Marino to Davis during the Sean Hannity’s December 19th broadcast, can be viewed here. The quotes included motivating comments such as:

  • “You lost a job, but gained the respect of millions of Americans.”
  • “I think getting fired was a blessing for you, because you conducted yourself with honesty and class.”
  • “Even if you didn’t know it, it was inspiring to see someone unafraid to be honest.”
  • “America needs more people like you.”

“I believe the national dialogue created by Ms. Davis’ firing was much larger than anyone could have anticipated,” Marino said. “Because CafePress serves as a barometer of our culture, we felt honored that we could capture some of this inspiring dialogue. Ms. Davis’ actions brought tremendous outpouring and admiration, and I’m grateful to be able to present this book as a reminder to the integrity she inspires.”

  1. I recently ordered from you and just heard about this from the Sean Hannity radio show and had to check it out. Now I will order from you in the future again and again! Thanks for what you did for Earline Davis!!!!

  2. She should be invited to the State of the Union Speech as the person we want to see in America,
    Write your representatives today.

    Nice book – great thoughts and outpouring from the public that shows our true love for this wonderful woman. Wish her future success and her family as well.

    Merry Christmas.

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