These 10 Tees Will Cover Every Relationship You Ever Have

It’s tough out there for the modern man or woman. Between online dating, breaking up by text and other scenarios Dear Abby didn’t cover, it’s tough to know what the right response might be. Still, at CafePress, our millions of designs make it easier for you to face your current relationship status, without saying a word.

1. “Looking for a good time”


2. “Seeing someone special”


3. “Getting married. Probably.”

4. “The Honeymoon Phase”


5. “The Honeymooners Phase”

6. “Don’t dream, it’s over.”


7. “Divorced n’ Bitter”


8. “We’re just friends.”


9. “Desperately seeking… pretty much anybody.”


10. “Love stinks.”

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  1. Hey Cafepress, my name is Jerri the author of MARS (mothers alone raising sons) who has a handsome son who is a Black Nerd. Seeking the t-shirt, black nerd unite, led me to your site and I also love your tees. Please checkout NerdCaliber magazine videos, Spectra cosplay my son and my blog above. Thank you for sharing and supporting in advance.

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