Love Bites! Love Bleeds!

On February 9, AMC’s The Walking Dead returns with their mid-season premiere. On February 14, the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. At least, the people who aren’t single will be celebrating. The single people will probably just go out for pizza or something. And try not to cry into the pepperoni.

At CafePress, we’re always about combining great things: like our hundreds of quality products + our millions of amazing, user-generated designs. We asked ourselves “How can we combine our love of flesh-eating zombies with the season of love?” 

Here are a few things our community of designers had already created.

  1. These designs are great but CafePress visitors may also want to visit my shop (at the site above) to check out our cool, non-Valentines, zombie-based designs, like the “Zombies Were People, Too” design or our “Rules for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” design. We’d also like to hear feedback about our designs, too, whether zombie fans like them or not, etc. etc. Enjoy!

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