Behind The Scenes At CafePress

Most of you probably know that you can use CafePress to order your own image or design on over 600 different base goods. But have you ever seen us at work? We took a stroll through our manufacturing facility in Louisville, Ky., last week to see what was being made for fans and customers like you!

This Divergent tee from long-time CafePress designer MissThree was hot off the heat press … so much so you could see the steam rising up from the heat transfer!

Divergent t-shirt

One of our wall art printers was busy with Jim Navary’s design for the ski lovers out there.

I'd rather be skiing poster

Kathleeen Sanderson ordered serving trays like this through our Create and Buy feature to serve as a fund-raiser for Mrs. McGuinn’s third grade class at St. Benedict Prep in Chicago. This one is obviously in progress as the other end hasn’t yet been screwed on. You can see the tray panels stacked to the left for additional ones to be made.

Serving Tray

And we saw this order of 100 mini buttons being put together. The design is from, which uses CafePress to fulfill its merchandise orders!

Mini buttons being made

No matter what time of year, the action never stops in Louisville or at our wall art facility in Raleigh, N.C., or our groups plant in Connecticut. Whether you order a t-shirt, a mouse pad, canvas shoes or cell phone case, at least one of our 800 or more employees is carefully crafting that product just for you.

If you have a certain product you’d like to see us show in production, drop a comment and we’ll look for them next time we run through the plant with our camera flashing!

  1. Fascinating! I wondered what the production process was. It gives me more appreciation of Cafepress to know how designs are actually produced on products. I have been very pleased with the quality of products on which my designs appear. And now I am very pleased to know about the “unsung heroes” behind the scenes. My appreciation and “many thanks” to you all.

  2. Your tshirts are crap. They aren’t prewashed/preshrunk and shrink several sizes in the first wash. Then you have to fight with customer service about getting a return label.

  3. I want t-shirts with POCKETS! And better colors, more subtle, rich ones, such as “Life Is Good” has.

  4. I think the purses are way too expensive for most people. I think most of the jewelry, specifically the flat pendants, are cheap-looking and insubstantial. I have not ordered any of the new stuff yet. I was disappointed with the way the image looked on the silvery food container; all washed out. Do people really still use cloth napkins?
    The keepsake boxes are beautiful! And the stadium blankets turn out very well, as well as the license plates and mugs — lots of things.
    I had a customer who wanted wine glasses, too.

  5. Hello, I ordered two different business cards that I personalized and did not know that I had to save them. I would like to see the wording on the two cards so that I can match it with some envelopes I am printing. Is there anyway I can get an email or a screen capture showing the cards as they will appear once they are printed?

    Orders #228201443 #228188871

    Thank you

  6. Hi, can you mention where you source your t-shirts from? I would like to check that they are made by a manufacturer that supports good work safety standards.

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