Free Alec Baldwin!!! Wait, He’s Not Still In Jail?

One of Cafepress’s favorite actors and personalities, Alec Baldwin, was unscrupulously arrested Tuesday for riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. In response, Baldwin’s main Twitter account (@ABFalecbaldwin) tweeted this:

Alec Baldwin Tweet We thought it best to launch a “Free Alec Baldwin!” campaign but were then told he posted bail and was no longer incarcerated. But we loved the quote so much, we figured we’d lend our support with an NYC: Mismanaged Carnival of Stupidity shirt. Click through and get it for a low price for a limited time.

 NYC Mismanaged Circus

And while we were at it, we found a few other designs that reminded us of the 30 Rock star. Without delay, here are …

Top 10 Shirts Alec Baldwin Wouldn’t Own

1. I Love Paparazzi paparazzi

Alec and the photo corps aren’t exactly snuggle buddies

2. Yes, you can take my picture


Pretty sure Alec has never said this

3. No one can resist my Schweddy Balls


Actually, he may have this one

4. Free Hugs

freehugsSomething tells us that would result in additional arrests
5. Zen


Temper, temper

6. Rude Thoughtless Little Pig


Ignore the trolls, Alec

7. Airplane
AirplaneFriends don’t let Friends play Words with Friends with Alec on a plane
8. Team Baldwin


There is no “we” in Baldwin. But there is an “I.”

9. I have issues


He may know it, but we doubt he’d show it

10. Best Dad Ever


We got this straight from Kim.

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  1. Alec Baldwin has been a total a**hole for years. He really thinks he’s above the law. I’d love to meet him just so I can give him what he deserves. Also, I just lost faith in café press for rallying for this jerk. I’m pulling my products off your site.

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