Flip out

Video cameras aren’t just for Dad anymore.

Flip Video has revolutionized the video camera space with easy, affordable and groovy little cameras that you can take just about anywhere.

They were cool to begin with, but they’ve just gotten a whole lot cooler.  Why, you ask?

Because CafePress has partnered with Flip so that y’all can create a customized, one-of-a-kind camera.  Which not only means that your Flip Mino can have an awesome design on it, but also means that it can’t be appropriated at a bar and then passed off as the stealer’s.  Or at least it’s much more unlikely.

Also pretty cool: this item launched late last night and we already have a bunch of awesome Flip designs.

There’s a lot of things I like about the Flip.  I like that it’s small, I love that it can now be printed upon to my heart’s content, and it’s also a great purchase/gift for folks like me who are prone to dropping portable electronic devices.

Not that I’m saying you *should drop one.  I’m just saying that if you do drop one it’s not as bad as dropping your $1000 Sony, both because the Flip can take a marginal lickin’ and because it’s just way less expensive to replace if you break it.

In truth, my own Flip has been dropped on numerous occasions and still works, so I do speak from experience on the last point.  I do not however recommend accidentally wading into the ocean with one in your pants pocket… regrettably, also an experience I’ve had with a cellphone.

Also, I don’t know that I’d let your dog use it as a chew toy.  (That cost me a remote control with a foster dog.)  And leaving it on the roof of your car and then driving away might be too high an impact point to be safe, but I haven’t tried that with the Flip yet.  (I have however tried it with an iPhone, which miraculously survived.)  Dropping the Flip into a plate of non-soupy Thai food has also been proven safe by my own experience, though it’s messy.  And a little embarrassing.

In any case, as someone who loses/breaks/neglects/abuses electronic devices in general and is therefore often afraid to carry them, I’ve been a big fan of Flip from the get-go.  And with the holidays coming up, the customized Flip means that you can find the perfect gift for the Serially Clumsy.  Or the Technologically Inept.  Or your favorite slacker college student who doesn’t read instruction manuals and never writes or calls – the Flip makes web video pain-free enough for me to accomplish (the USB port is built in, meaning that you don’t have to find that dang camera cord that was in the junk drawer but has somehow gone missing), and that truly means anyone can do it.

So Flip out, people.  Now your camera can be as unique and personal as your video.

And if you take some cool video with your new customized Flip, do feel free to share.

  1. Wow. I recommend not putting it in the washing machine twice like I did with my passport. While my passport survived I did get some wary looks at the airport. You might have worse luck with the Flip Mino.

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  3. Ces cool! So how come you didn’t send us a mail telling us about this cool camera? I agree with R. I would love to see more cool stuff like this camera!

  4. I insist, I’d like to participate in the Flip Mino contest, what can I do if I’m an international shopkeeper?

  5. I love these. Designing for them is a blast! I hope that the Flip site picks up our designs and we get discovered. More partnerships and contests like this at CP would be great!

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