I’m beached as…

From Down Under we have a special Friday treat: the heartwarming tale of a friendly whale washed up on a New Zealand beach.

Brought to you from the same folks who brought you Trent from Punchy, this cartoon perhaps speaks to all of us that have taken a wrong turn and ended up stuck or lost somewhere.

Or maybe it’s just a funny little cartoon.

And if you’re really into whale videos, retro videos (there really was viral web video before YouTube) or both, the classic exploding whale video is a must-see.  Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s always worth a watch.

  1. Hi Guys,

    PS..the same guys who made Beached Az have also done (I think) Sausaged Az…so check it out on You Tube. Another one that is getting huge coverage here is “Flying Kiwi”….also on You Tube.


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