Why Can’t Us? Go Phillies!

The first Capitol of the United States is home to more than the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks – now we have a rally cry fresh outta Philly that throws caution and boring grammatical norms to the wind, asking the world this important question:

Why Can’t Us?

The unlikely creator of this daring citywide battle yelp is a Delaware resident and Philadelphia Phillies fan, who called into a local Philly talk show to discuss the Fightins’ chances of winning the World Series.  His emotional commentary is as follows:

“Boston did it.  The White Sox did it. Why can’t us?  Why can’t us?

The 700 level wasted little time in commemorating this shrewd puzzler via “Why Can’t Us?” t-shirts, and a catch phrase was born.  Proceeds from the shirt go to the Phillies’ favorite charity, the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Association.

As a lifelong Dodgers fan, I have to admit that this rally cry has led me to root for the Phils in the World Series despite their having knocked my team out.  Because I just can’t imagine this priceless slogan springing forth so honestly and unfettered from a Dodgers fan, nor can I imagine L.A. embracing such a syntax-defying cry without Randy Newman creating an anthem out of it.  So go on with your bad selves, Phillies fans (and Delaware residents).  Today, a transient Phils Phan is born.

The Phillies face off against in Game 1 of the World Series tonight against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Whether the Fightins can take a young inexperienced ball club and win the Series for the first time in 28 years has yet to be seen, but hey – why can’t them?

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