Road Rage to the White House

Bumper sticker activism is always at its finest during an election year, and nowhere is that more evident than here at CafePress.

Our political bumper sticker collection has exploded this year – some are fun, some are serious, some are just hilarious, and some might run you the risk of having it forcibly removed or otherwise molested if you park in Berkeley, CA or on Wasilla Main Street.

And so today we bring you, in no particular order, the 10 stickers most likely to risk being defaced in these 2 towns.  (Though admittedly, Berkeley residents are more likely to wait by your car to have a cruelty-free and well-meaning chat with you about your political views, then segue into a discussion of peak oil.  But you get the picture.)

5 most potentially unpopular stickers on Telegraph in Berkeley, CA

A gun, a McCain endorsement *and a Clint Eastwood reference insulting Liberals.  You’ve hit the trifecta!  Beware: you may be assaulted with a long-winded opinion on gun control.  Run away, run away!

Some communism symbols and a dash of Marx plus an insult to someone’s intelligence is a recipe for a Berkeley-style smackdown, bub.  And by smackdown we mean a pamphlet on tolerance and a researched treatise on Obama’s lifetime church affiliations and their significance.

Extra bonus points for implying terrorism and a Middle Eastern policy worry simultaneously.  Watch out, though: some pesky overly-literal Berkeley student might point out that while this sticker is actually true, it’s also true that Barack Obama is also the most popular candidate in the rest of the world, too.  So have your retort ready.

In the land of Political Correctness, this sticker is a timeless classic that will earn you lectures long after the 2008 election is over.  Those lectures will be in English, incidentally – after all, the people you’re insulting can’t read your sticker.  And therein lies the secret beauty.

A notable punctuation error and an outrageous comparison will offend grammarians and Liberals alike – and this is after all a University town.  Spelling and punctuation count.

On the other hand, this sticker may be saved if those viewing it think you’re being ironic/satirical in that hipster kind of way, and you might get an I-use-crystal-deodorant-and-it-works (no it doesn’t) enthusiastic if fragrant pat on the back rather than a VW Bug key to the driver’s-side door.

And that brings us to…

5 most potentially unpopular stickers on Wasilla Main Street

A crass anatomical reference and a Bush comparison are sure to get the Moose-hunters out in arms – and they’re actually armed, so beware.

In addition to announcing your anti-Republican sentiments, this is hunting country.  Braking for animals is for sissies.  And Wasilla Main street doesn’t cotton to sissies.

Now it looks like you’re just trying to annoy people.  The smugness of this sticker is sure to irritate more than a few Wasilla Main Street denizens, and will likely remind them uncomfortably of Obama’s suggested elitism.  Wasilla is a working class town, and its people like honest to goodness folks like that nice Joe the Plumber, not some smug liberal counting unhatched (and unwanted) chickens.

Putting aside the fact that this announces an “alternative lifestyle” to the world and you’re brazenly trumpeting your crusade for rights, now you’ve gone and brought that nice, God-fearing Mrs. Campbell and her ex-husband into it.  That’s just rude.

Sarah Palin has, here and there, mentioned that Alaska is separated by a narrow maritime border with Russia.  And now your sticker is somehow mocking the narrowness of that border and its significance.  You also get extra bonus points for referencing Tina Fey’s Palin send-up, and that’s hitting a sore spot.

On the other hand, some Wasilla residents may find this sticker close enough to the truth to be a pro-Palin sticker.  If you’re actually Tina Fey, though, you probably can’t pull that one off – better get the extra rental car insurance.

Remember, bumper sticker activism is an American tradition in demonstrating our First-Amendment right to free expression.  So get on out there and make your voice heard.  Just remember, drive safely.  And consider parking on a side street.

  1. First off, I am a black man. I am absolutely amazed how many people are actually voting for Obama. If he is elected, may god have mercy on your souls. I hope you all realize the consequences involved by electing this man.

  2. (EDITED)You couldn’t possibly be this dumb and be a black man!!! So I will hope beyond hope that you’re just a white guy pretending to be black. Otherwise, you just sound like a black man who wants so much to be liked by White Amerikkka that you’re saying this to impress them. My reasons for saying this? Because # 1 you made a point to say that you’re Black – why would that matter? Secondly because it makes absolute sense to vote against McCain because out of all Americans, African Americans have had it with this administration and McSame has already proven that he shares the same opinions that Bush has. After all, he’s voted right along side him 90% of the time, right? So there’s no way on God’s GREEN earth that you haven’t noticed that we’ve gone from a trillion dollar surplus to a trillion dollar debt under Bush. McCain may not be Bush but he’s a Bush supporter and that may earn us another 4 years of this nonsense!Let’s face it, aren’t you tired of watching your assets and your bank account dwindling? So it’s just common sense that we would elect Obama and for you to say otherwise and make a point of saying you’re black indicates that you’re either a white person posing as a black man or a black man who really has some issues with his race. Either way, that makes your opinion suddenly unworthy and less credible.*****

  3. I totally agree with the opinion of Blaize and really do hope that this time Americans will come in big numbers to elect Barack Obama, as I believe that he will bring significant changes and improvements to so many issues or things that simply went wrong under the Bush administration. So please America, be clever and elect OBAMA, not McCan`t, end up this tragedy !

    Since last year I supported Obama with many comments and of course Pro Obama Designs (see my link!)- LET US ALL DO THE CHANGE !

  4. amConcerned got it right. The consequences of electing obama are huge. You others need to stop drinking the kool-aid.

  5. Everything is written in the Torah, the infinite wisdom of G-d revelaed in this physical world, included what would possibly happen with Obama, as it is written in Ezequiel´s prophecy, talking aobut Og and Magog´s war before the coming of the Messiah and the FInal redemption. Obama may be Og or magog, or neither, but he is surely in the right time for the beginning of a new era of peace ans salvation.

  6. I am a mother of three beautiful bi-racial children just as Obama is and I have taught them to be proud of ALL of their heritage…They are Half Black and Half White…They are part African American and part Irish…Their African American Heritage does not wipe out their Irish Heritage and the funny part about it is the Irish were slaves at one time too…So the Tshirt that states “Sorry people it can stay White on the Outside” is really sad and Racist…the FACT is there is Still White on the Inside too…He is still Half White just as much Black…you cant just pretend that hes not…He had a White mother, he was raised by a White Family and only knew his father for one month of his life…and he went to wealthy private prestigious schools and never hurt for money…he didnt have a hard life…my three beautiful Bi-racial children have done without many times! In Gods eyes we are not Black or White…We are One…We are His Children. Barrack is Bi-Racial just as much White as Black and we should be work together as One…Just like He is Both in One

  7. Speaking about bumper sticker activism and messages. I tend to like positive and uplifting messages. Why not spread some good energy to fellow drivers? Lately it seems like drivers are very distracted. Many do not realize that using a cell phone is akin to drivng drunk!
    I think bumpers stickers to encouraging good driving could only do some good out there.

    PS – We are so lucky that we have the right to elect our Presidents and have the right to debate, disagree and argue as much as we want!

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