The Hills are Alive with Republican values

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag (“Speidi”) of “The Hills” fame caught the attention of several photographers and Perez Hilton when they stepped out on the town in a Polo-esque Republican photo op, complete with props.

Spencer carries a 6-pack of Budweiser and a shotgun; Heidi has a designer bag (it’s blue, unfortunately; perhaps it doesn’t come in red) and the book “You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis.”

What caught our attention, though, is that both are wearing CafePress shirts.

Spencer stepped out in the classic “3 G’s” t-shirt – the one he’s wearing has been retooled by its designer, so if you’re a fan of the design you’ll get close with two options:

Heidi is sporting a pink “Read My Lipstick – Vote McCain Palin” spaghetti-strap tank, disproving everyone who thinks that Hollywood and California as a whole are full of nothin’ but a bunch of left-wing Liberals.

Indeed – we may be a blue state, but our fearless Hollywood-scion leader is The Governator, after all.

  1. all should vote. I know God will work HIS miracle in the booths. the man who will lead us to change, change being the one who will lead us to God in our lives again, that man will be the one elected.remember the one who is GODS chosen will be elected. it might not be who you think or it may, watch God work HIS magic!!!!!

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