If you can’t say anything nice, vote.

As the rivalry between the Democratic frontrunners increases it seems that the news focuses more and more on the conflict itself. Hey, if it bleeds it leads.

So I wasn’t entirely surprised to see a headline today that read like something out of “The Onion” – that headline is: “Clinton, Obama complain about complaining”

The article goes on to discuss the candidates complaining about who’s the bigger complainer.

Because our content is a reflection of the public discourse, the CafePress system up to this point has been a good indicator of political trends. The Meter has, as we suspected, been remarkably accurate.

That being the case, I decided to search for “complain” today in our system to see what comes up.  Would I find some Hillary or Obama gear at the top of the system?


But what I did find was interesting – the top result is a “Vote” design, and there are 2 other “Vote” designs on the first page of results. And that’s really the point of all this, isn’t it? No matter how much complaining or campaigning our candidates do, at the end of the day the American people speak a lot more loudly and convincingly. And that’s by speaking with our votes.

So remember: if you want to feel good about complaining about our elected officials, be sure to register to vote.

And after that, don’t forget to make a T-shirt. Because voting is private, but your shirt lets everyone know what you think. And that’s the American way.

  1. Hillary’s win tonight underscores why education is so important. Voters who are unable to discern a scam, deserve what they get.

  2. Talking about issues with presidential candidates…
    Jeremiah Wright got bagged because people aren’t used to shocking information & seriously negative information. We’ve got a whole alternative press that’s gotten over it. They more care about the truth & its consequences. JW was telling the truth, it was just so incomplete. You don’t have THAT in the alternative press. He could hardly make a case because of it.
    We all believe in free speech, but when someone uses it & we don’t like what they’re saying we tune out. The purpose of free speech is to learn new things that result in positive ends. It’s important that we realize what it’s for & how it could help us then.

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