Extreme site makeover!

You may notice a slight difference in the CafePress website today.  Things are a bit cleaner, a little more natural, a lot more fun and a whole lot less green.

Not that we’re losing the green, a’course.  But it’s taking a back seat to our most colorful design asset of all: your designs.

And so this week’s Fantasy T-Wearer is: the CafePress website!  Oh, if only our website could wear a t-shirt… hmm, perhaps our friendly IT guys would let me put a sticker on the servers… [insert sound of horrified engineers gasping here.]

So anyway, we hope you enjoy the new look – after all, you’re the ones who designed it!

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  3. The makeover *is* pretty extreme, but I don’t think I’m the only one to say “good riddance” to the green. Hopefully, designs in the marketplace will pop a lot more and be the stars of the show.

    One thing I really like is the new Cafepress logo in the upper lefthand corner of shops now opens in a new tab or window–meaning that the user doesn’t navigate away from stores when visiting the Cafepress homepage or Marketplace.

  4. A friend noted of the new logo:

    “fairly epic fail. Not only does it suggest they can’t print anything properly, it also suggests they can’t get it straight either.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    And please, never suggest to your users that “you’re the one who designer it.” what a slap in the face to your customers! We want professional design from a web designer that knows his/her stuff – not design by committee, not customer-defined design, but usability-based consistency.

  5. I really like the new look, but I don’t like the shirt your showcasing. The text needs to be a wee bit higher.

  6. Love the look of the new makeover. Got a nice surprise when I logged in today. Looks fresh, clean and easy on the eyes and the page preview button works a treat to. Not sure if that was there before but first time I have seen it.

    Thanks CafePress

  7. i thought the spring green was happier, peppier, more friendly.
    also, a big annoyance is that before i can login by entering my user id & pwd, and hit Enter, now i have to physically use my mouse to click the Enter button. being that CP times you out in a short while, i have to keep logging in.
    i liked the friendlier, product picture-oriented look before.
    and i’m a heavy online user–ebay, craigslist, and i actually liked your old layout better than the 2.

    also, is there a way to print the images larger on the throw pillows so there is no white border–many of my customers have complained about that.

    is there a way to make the notecards/magnets/greeting cards/posters automatically adjust for the vertical or horizontal position of the original art? i have been finding i have to go into each one and select either vertical or horizontal to correct it.

    thanks and keep up the great work!

  8. There’s things I like about it and things I hate about it. The Logo is a definite EPIC FAIL! It looks bad on CP’s homepage and looks worse shrunken down and blacked out in Premium Shops. Also the site as a whole just feels harder to navigate through. I give it a 2/5 rating.

  9. I agree with the previous letter, the art on the t-shit needs to be higher, in fact I’ve tried to make the art on my shirts higher but the cafe press system won’t let them go higher. Showing a shirt with the art below the brest line is a prime example of what needs to be corrected while you guys are doing this overhaul.

  10. Not liking this at all. Logo is dated, Site is difficult to navigate, and on premium shops the logo is horrific. Looks like a blob of black ink.

  11. I like the new layout, but I do have one gripe. The layouts provided to the users are beyond lame. Like, 1998 lame. It’s kind of frustrating that the basic shops look better than the paid shops. That’s my only gripe – give us some better/modern layouts that we can customize and I’ll be happier than a pig in mug. I’ve waited, since the basic shops were overhauled. I’ve looked on my own. Oh, one more gripe… Why don’t you help us pull products into another website, our own website? I’d gladly pay more per month if I didn’t have to try and search these things down on the net myself. Ok, those are the major ones :) Other than that, love the new design.

  12. It’s good to refresh a site’s layout now and then, but this is really extreme. There are no recognizable elements whatsoever.

    Text is much harder to read now. The light-blue hyperlinks and dark-gray text is really hard on the eyes.

    The new logo is very poorly done IMO. It is hard to read, outdated, unprofessional, amateurish and it looks terrible in the top-left of premium stores. Please bring the old established logo back or make something that is still recognizable from the old logo. This is throwing all the old branding out. What a waste.

  13. Like the new look and the new logo. It was time for a change.

    I don’t know if I missed the memo that this was gonna happen – or if there wasn’t one – but I was a little startled this morning when things looked so different. For a second I thought I’d been redirected to another site as part of a phishing scam or something. I have thoughts like that before I’ve had my coffee.

  14. The design is okay.

    I can’t find where my newsletter controls are. How do I see my number of subscribers, make a new newsletter,etc?

  15. Sorry … you blew it. Not only does it look washed out and faded, your new site design is chewing up bandwidth. The design pages are running javascript in the background which is buggy and stalling browsers. Opps, back to the drawing board.

  16. I guess the new logo’s retro significance was lost here… the old screen printing methods were what we had to work with “back in the day.” Personally, I have no issue with it, I was pleasantly surprised by the new page layouts in my Basic shop. I do agree about that T-shirt though, it doesn’t showcase what’s best about CafePress at all. Improve the T-shirt showcased, and the logo’s retro look might be punctuated.

  17. The new logo looks indicative of an old worn photocopy. Not a logo that represents a quality printing house, but a cheap faded stamp. The new layout for the shops is nice, but the cafepress logo is a very poor representation of any print shop.

  18. The overall site makeover is fine, but i was disapointed to see that the “Zoom In” capability was not improved.”Zoom in” enlagements of greeting cards, posters, etc., are still not that much more larger than their normal view, leaving, in some cases, alot to be desired by a viewer who is trying get a more detailed, overall perspective of a selected products “art work”. An enlargining capability, comparable to the normal viewing of an art file using “Windows XP”, would be a good example of the size i’m thinking of. A number of Art sites simular to Cafepress DO have this capability, or near to it. Hope it happens with Cafepress someday, too. Thanks

  19. First, the new logo is HORRID!!! It looks like the ink faded on a shirt (ink and printing quality control: another issue I won’t go into here…but it’s an issue).

    I actually liked the old logo. It looked slicker than this AWFUL new one. It looks like an ugly black blob of ink on the top toolbar of my shops too! YUCK!!!! (Although I do like the fact that when you click it, it opens in a new window…please keep that function so people don’t leave our personal sites!!!).

    Also, when I access my login, my Internet Explorer now pops up annoying ‘Do you want to display the non secure items’, meaning someone needs to move the new AWFUL logo to a secure server, along with all the other images.

    Now for the controls, the products/sections take a lot longer to load up (usually on the buttons for each section). It’s annoying. Makes me not want to add more product. Speed it up more by using a smaller graphic for the buttons (and maybe the product images too. I’m on a fast computer and cable connection, so I can’t blame my computer. An ‘auto arrange’ feature would also be nice option to add (kind of like how the basic shops are arranged by product type), it would save a lot of time rearranging stuff everytime something new is added (I’ve given up and left some shops look ‘sloppy’ because I have too many designs).

    Other than the AWFUL NEW LOGO, the rest of the site looks GREAT! Very slick!! Nice flash splash screen on the front. Nice redesign on the basic shops too. Everything seems to navagate nicely too.

  20. A few for the suggestion box:

    1. Go back to the old logo.

    2. The search box should be the centerpiece of your layout, just like Google. It’s how people find products. It’s why we labor over keywords. As it is, the search tool is basically camouflaged. It should be in the middle with a giant black box around it.

    3. Clicking “your account” should not bring up the blog in two-thirds of the window. There is already a blog button at the top and the blog is already huge on the front page.

    4. The features are way too big and switch way too fast. “How we got here” is interesting, but it’s not why the customers are here. It should be much less intrusive.

    5. The front page should be a tool for doing exactly what you want to do and doing it easily. If people want to create their own products, well, that’s below the fold. If people want to look for interesting designs to buy, it’s not even all that clear how to do that here. Am I supposed to pick a shirt first? How can I do that without knowing what it will be on it? All the design tools are below the fold and I can’t find the search box without my eyes being drawn to the picture of the red car.

    Things I like:

    1. The layout of the search results.

    2. The clean look of some parts of the site.

    3. Product pages.

    4. The fine folks at CafePress.

  21. I like the cleaner look of the website. It no
    longer looks like a bargain basement. However,
    the logo does not fit the rest of the design.
    I love the stamped look but it simply doesn’t
    work here.

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