Respect your Mother

It’s Earth Day today! Happy Earth Day, Earth. Earth_day_3

In the spirit of Earth Day, we decided to come up with things you can do with CafePress merchandise to make the earth a better place.

Plastic_bagCanvas totes are more eco-friendly than plastic bags, and a lot sturdier as well. Buy a few and re-use them for all your shopping needs. With almost 3 million to choose from, you should be able to find a groovy tote that speaks to your gutmonkey and makes your Mother proud, all at the same time.

MugMugs are washable and better than disposing of a coffee cup every morning, particularly if that cup is made of Styrofoam. Take your favorite to the office and impress your coworkers with your mad style and enviro-friendly self.

ButtonButtons are a re-usable way to express your views. And if you really want to conserve, buy a blank button and use dry-erase or grease pencil to change your daily statement to the world. (Note: we make no claims as to the rub-offable-ness of your writing instrument of choice…)


Organic T-shirts are organic.  And that makes Mother happy. It also makes your skin happy, because these shirts are remarkably soft. And hey, it even makes Greenpeace happy.

ThongThongs use less fabric than your average pair of panties. So don’t be afraid to bare the back in the name of the environment – in this case, your Mother will be proud.

    So there you have it – The CafePress Top 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day Without Eating Alfalfa Sprouts.

    1. Am I the only one who hates hates hates and loathes the word gutmonkey? It’s icky and horrible. Ewwww. I have a gut reaction to this word and it is bad.

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