Voting irregularities? Tweet it.

On election day, your vote is private – but your voting experience can be blasted out to the public from your cellphone.

The Twitter Vote Report was founded in a cooperative code-a-thon as an election monitoring system, in order to combat any voter suppression or disruption efforts that may arise on voting day.

If you have a Twitter account, you can use your cell phone or computer to send a 140-character or less micro-broadcast notifying voters, election monitors and the media of any problems you’ve encountered trying to vote. A web map will display incidents in real-time.

One recent example of something worth tweeting: the phony flier sent out to some Virginia residents in predominantly African-American neighborhoods, claiming that Republicans vote on November 4th and Democrats vote on November 5th.

While “The Onion” did a send-up 4 years ago about Republicans urging minorities to vote on “Big Wednesday,” this time around the phony flier is all too real. But the overall nature of the Internet has changed drastically since the last election; user-generated content/Web 2.0 is the norm now, and projects like the Twitter Vote Report are looking to make sure that this kind of misinformation is publicized and debunked in short order. Now, if we can just bridge the digital divide

One might wonder just what this kind of instantaneous user-generated information might have done for the infamous dangling chads of Florida 8 years ago…

The folks at TVR have set up official t-shirts, and we might recommend them as a good alternative on voting day to your candidate t-shirts due to the vague “electioneering” laws which, judging from unfortunate incidents like the fake flier, could potentially cost someone their right to vote.

So on election day (that’s November 4th regardless of party affiliation, race or income level), be sure to dress innocuously, tweet responsibly, and remember: your vote is your concern, but your voting experience can – and should – be everybody’s.

  1. I believe that the biggest problem this year is going to be with ACORN. I think this will be the “hanging chad” after the election. This is going to really produce a lot of voter fraud and will also allow the the election to be contested if Nobama wins.

  2. McCain is receptive to influence, and appears to react to those stronger personalities-Bush-Palin-Arnold. Unfortunately, he was a victim for five years, controlled by captures. He appears to get upset when things do not go his way, then he distorts the truth. This is true review debates, and his speeches, and the response after Arnold S. spoke on Friday night.
    Secondly, McCain Parrots or repeats the words of Obama to influence, such as “Fundamentally different”; “He is going to raise taxes”. Those are Obama’s words about McCain.
    Lastly, go to to read for yourself, Barack Obama’s Plans, then you can make an informed decision about whom you think should lead the United States of America.

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