Yes We Did T-shirts are the Nov. 5th vote

The sentiment among the majority of the nation’s voters is clear this morning: Yes, we can – and Yes, we did.

And in a stirring speech to the Nation, President-elect Obama repeated the familiar mantra that inspired millions – and a huge number of Yes We Can T-shirts – to a cheering crowd that echoed his sentiments on behalf of a beleaguered country with a lot of work ahead of it: Yes, we can.

It would seem that citizens are still voting today with their creativity and their fashion choices; not surprisingly, Yes We Can and Yes We Did are the winners of the day, but the anti-Obama faction is also making it clear that they will not go quietly.

So whether your new mantra is Yes We Can or NOBAMA, you can still make your voice heard.  Because this is America, where your freedom of speech allows you to celebrate or criticize the President-Elect within minutes of him winning the office.  And you can do it on your bumper, in your yard, on your chest… or you can just make your voice heard in the privacy of your pants.

Yes, you can.

  1. What a great day! Now that BO has been elected I can relax. Day after he gets in, I’m quitting my job and will enjoy the great American dream of living off of someone else’s hard earned money!

  2. Change is here. Finally a President who inspires hope rather than incites fear. Obviously people are still ignorant if they think people just live off of other’s hard earned money. I work with “the people” you reference and they work just as hard as anyone else. Try to look beyond stereotypes and embrace everyone getting the same chances.

  3. Here’s a great bumper sticker: America’s now got B.O.

    Works for either candidate you might have voted for! Check out my store’s web site for details.

  4. I hope #5 didn’t mind that I stole this to blog about it: Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk, so Barack Obama could run so America could fly!!!

    I thought that was such an awesome phrase! I loved BO’s Acceptance speech as well as McCain’s concedment speech. Clearly he knew that the better man won! Hate politics but both are such great men!

  5. Wait until Obama takes your 401Ks away from you! He’ll pull the money out of the stock market and give it to the government and give you 3% per year. The stock market has already reacted today with the largest post-election plunge in American history! Obama will bankrupt the coal industry, causing electricity prices to skyrocket! Lots more layoffs to come! Good work, Obamamaniacs! You deserve whatever you get! But why should the rest of us have to suffer?

  6. Change is good.

    I will donate 10% of ALL sales back to because this is our era of change and opportunity to give! Choose from many Historical Obama 2008 products, made with love & consideration, and help from Cafe Press.

  7. Many Americans woke up on November 5th asking the question “We did what?” O,Crap!

    I’m just glad it’s all over… Hopefully we still have a country worth fighting for in 4 years.

    Somebody Else 2012!

  8. Hey! Where’s the “I’m a mindless bigot! And PROUD of it” schwag? I want me some to go with the Impeech Obams stuff. Thanks for having real Amurican stuff!

  9. “Change is finally here” now that Barack Obama has been elected, and so are more “Refreshing Times” for our country and the world! Get your Obama “Oh So Refreshing” T-shirts at my store.

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