Extra, extra!

And by extra, we really do mean it.

The Washington Post sold out of Wednesday’s paper as people from around the country scrambled to collect a memento of Tuesday’s historic election.  Due to the sellout, they’re offering a reprint of the Washington Post Commemorative Edition Paper in their CafePress shop.

The Post wasn’t alone; the New York Times, among others, are also re-running their presses.

And if you feel like wearing a piece of American political history, you can sport the scoop in a scoop neck.  The headline reads “Obama Makes History” – and he’s making history again, as this is the first time in our recollection that an election result article was in such high demand that the newspaper itself is offering it on t-shirts.

So don’t wait in line or worry about missing the boat – your reprint is here, and you can either read it or wear it.  Or hey, you can do both.

  1. I am quite confused about this site. Positive Obama gear is sold, yet there are things shown that goes against Obama! Are you for or against Obama? Or are you just trying to make a dollar?

  2. Hey Confused One,

    All the designs are user-created and reflect the thoughts of the person designing them. It’s like an art gallery. But on saleable merchandise. :)



  3. Yes, we did elect Obama — but, in California, we also chose the rights of chickens over the rights of the Gay Community. As a straight, Christian supporter of Gay rights, I’m ashamed of my state.

    You don’t have to be Gay to support equal rights — please join me in telling the world that America’s ideal of Equal Rights for all still needs all of our support.

    I’m busy using my outrage to create new design: http://www.cafepress.com/moreattitude

  4. I like that “Impeach Obama” stuff but I have a question about it. Do you think we should swear him in first before we start trying to impeach him? There is this little thing called the Constitution, I know it doesn’t matter to the Republicans much, but maybe legal forms should be followed and we should wait until he’s actually the president before we impeach him. Just a thought. – Jeff

  5. Haha Jeff…the constitution doesn’t matter to the republicans? If I’m not mistaken, Obama is the one who said he wanted to ban guns. And he wanted to keep NRA commercials from running in Pennsylvania because they had a negative attitude about him and his voting record. Let’s see…I believe that blows the 1st and second amendment. Hmmm…interesting… Get your anti-Obama gear: http://www.cafepress.com/wldesigns/6164000

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