Movember Madness

It’s 2 weeks into November, and that means that we’re halfway through a month-long celebration that caters to the charitably-minded and Robert Goulet fans alike: Movember.

Movember is more than a month.  It’s more than a celebration.  It’s more than a fundraising opportunity, and more than a chance to annoy your significant other with arguable and frictional facial fashion sense.

Indeed, Movember is a worldwide movement.

Started in Australia and New Zealand to raise awareness for mens’ health issues – most notably prostate cancer and depression – Movember has crossed the oceans to inspire American men far and wide, smooth and hirsute.

If you really want to kick off Movember with a bang, the American Mustache Institute‘s Annual Stache Bash is at the end of October and can really get you in the mood.  Of course, their shop and our Marketplace are full of enough mustache t-shirts to inspire the mustachioed and their fans far and wide, so your Movember efforts can be accessorized with a sassy mustache t-shirt.

Inspired by the Movember movement, a fearless group of CafePress men have banded together to pay homage to greats like Tom Selleck and Hulk Hogan, and as Team CafeMantastique they hope to put forth a quality effort sure to impress even the most discriminating of judges (i.e. Mario of Mario Kart fame, seen here at left on his way to a Movember conference).  Good luck, brave soldiers – and may we all remember that behind every great mustachioed man is an occasionally chafed partner.

It’s not too late to start growing a lip sweater in the name of cancer research, so please remember: a mustache is a terrible thing to shave.


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