Just when you thought you’d have to shelve your “A woman’s place is in the White House” t-shirt for the next 4-8 years, rumors have surfaced that Hillary Clinton may be Obama’s choice for Secretary of State.

While Politico reports that some members of the Obama camp are greeting this news with ambivalence at best due to having run a contentious primary campaign with a central theme of tossing out the old establishment (i.e. Billary), rumor has it that Obama himself has offered her the job.

Certainly, 18 million voters felt that it was high time for Hillary to take a position in the White House; and with over half a million Hillary products reflecting that sentiment, the appointment would allow Hillary fans to pull a lot of those Hillary t-shirts out from under their anti-Bush t-shirt collection and wear them with pride.

Of course, technically the Secretary of State doesn’t actually live or work in the White House.  But these are t-shirts, and some artistic license is allowed.  Anyway, the State Department‘s just down the street, and with Condi’s shoe collection it’s possible that Hillary may find a walk-in closet even nicer than the one in the White House.

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  1. It sounds like Obama is making a pretty scary dream team to me… All we need now is Rev. Wright as the new Billy Graham and I am then sure that God will damn America!

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