Palin talks turkey

Sarah Palin made headlines last week when she visited a local turkey farm to pardon a turkey.  Of course, this in and of itself isn’t hugely out of the ordinary.  The President pardons a turkey at Thanksgiving every year as well.

What was a bit out of the ordinary was the location and style of the interview that Palin gave at the turkey farm, which included one of the ostensibly unpardoned turkeys being slaughtered behind her at the hands of an incredibly camera-conscious man who alternates between shoving the apparently live bird into some sort of grinder, and turning around toward the camera with, it seems, the same sense of bewilderment that those watching the video itself have.

Video of the Palin turkey farm interview has been circulating since publication.  WARNING: if watching an animal die while a former Vice Presidential candidate sips coffee and blithely chats about her plans for Thanksgiving is going to bother you, don’t watch this video.   Which is to say that animals were most definitely harmed during the making of this video, so be forewarned.

Of course, some vegetarians are happy that this video may be turning some people off turkey, noting that those planning to have a turkey on their Thanksgiving table should understand how it got there.

Whether the ill-fated turkey starring in this interview is the entree of honor at the Palins’ dinner table hasn’t been reported.

  1. Good grief. What a cluster-eff. When will this woman get a handle on PR? Still, what’s with the cameraman and producers? They’re the ones trained in visual media– you know, simple things like the parental guideline ratings, and hello, HOW TO FRAME A SHOT.

    (As for the turkey doomsday in the background… Eh. Could be worse. That farm looks a lot more like my grandma’s than a factory farm. Notice the pen directly beyond Palin; the birds are loose, and they look clean and healthy. Looks like the “death cone” quickly breaks their necks; just about the most humane method possible.)

  2. Not sure what this whole piece has to do with the home page of Cafepress…This is the first page customers see when coming to buy our products…They don’t expect or deserve to be blasted by ANY political commentary..
    If you want to say it, fine, get your own blog and knock yourself out…
    The election is over. One way or the other, get over it.

  3. Sorry, karinova, the “death cone” doesn’t break necks (like the way your granny probably mercifully did it). It holds the turkey while it bleeds out after the smiling man cuts its throat. Note the wiggling feet as it slowly dies.

  4. Many of the posts above help prove the latest studies, a vegetarian diet shrinks your brain. Come on, have you ever tried to eat a live turkey?

  5. Thanks for being brave enough to post this piece. It’s about time people see the connection between the reality of slaughter and what is on their plate.

  6. Okay…

    So Palin gives an interview, the media frames the shot so that you can see an animal dying in the background, and Palin gets the blame for the whole incident. Despite that it’s pretty clear she still hasn’t grown eyes in the back of her head, can’t see behind her, and isn’t the one holding the camera, either.

    And you wonder why this woman had so much support amoung conservatives? This woman can’t freakin’ catch a break from the media, ever. Hell, she probably couldn’t BREATHE without some liberal somewhere screaming about how the carbon dioxide she’s exhaling is causing global warming. It’s ridiculous.

  7. It is obvious that the cameraman angled this shot for shock value purpose. I’m planning to enjoy my turkey on Thursday…

  8. And PE Obama will be eating a turkey for Thanksgiving killed in just such a way. Hope we some media coverage pointing this out. The fact that he’s not seen in the reality of how we get our food doesn’t change that it happense. For anyone that’s grown up living “near the earth” this isn’t anything out of the ordinary. You would rather go catch and kill your own? I agree with Eugene – this was another hit job, and a reason conservatives love Sarah.

    I’m going to really like my slaughtered turkey come Thanksgiving. Beats tofu any day of the week.

  9. As for the turkey shot, that was bad camera placement. Deliberate bad placement! Get real, people. As long as there are meat eaters in this world (myself included), there will continue be scenes like this one, and in slaughterhouses. It has been occurring for thousands of years, and will occur for many more thousands of years.

    Buzzcowboy, that guy in the background wasn’t looking on in a bewildered manner, he was just trying to listen in on what the AK governor was saying, while still doing his job.

    As for the vegetarians who think that this video will turn people off of eating meat (or at least turkeys), you’ve got another think coming. I watched the entire video, and I’m still going to enjoy my turkey dinner tomorrow with my family. Mmm-mmm. :-) I know where my turkey comes from and what it went through, and I’m not squeamish about it.

  10. I don’t understand why people who theoretically support Palin are trying to pretend that she didn’t know what she was doing here. The “Oh Shucks” routine didn’t do McCain any favors during the campaign and it’s not working here as an excuse either. This woman ran for Vice President, and if she can’t figure out how to frame her own interview shot she has no busines being in front of the media in the first place. Trying to pretend “she didn’t know” just makes her look stupid. Of course she knew what she was doing, she was at a slaughterhouse for crying out loud.

    I am a McCain/Palin voter who saw this interview and if you watch the video, she acknowleges that her choice of location might earn her some flak.

    Fellow Republicans, don’t make silly excuses for this kind of behavior. Palin knew exactly what she was doing. She’s not stupid, and trying to make it sound like she was taken advantage of by some local cameraguy just makes her look like a bumpkin rube not fit to be in the public eye. If you just don’t like her interview location you should take it up with her office, not argue with the left and use the lame argument that she just “didn’t know.”

    I for one found the interview to be hilarious and refreshing even though it was kind of a strange choice. Ms. Palin is a hunter and isn’t ashamed of it, it was part of what made people like her. I don’t think we should be trying to backpedal the point that she’s a good old gun-toting carnivore who doesn’t mind going to a local turkey farm to get her Thanksgiving dinner herself. Who needs plastic wrap and markets? The only thing that could have made the interview better would be if she was dispatching that turkey herself! GO PALIN!

    Don’t be apologists. Be realistic and stand behind your candidate.

  11. Extra thanks to Cafe Press for your transcendence of the “politically Correct” dumbed down mental rigor mortis that often (too often) restricts, censors, limits, curbs, inhibits, curtails,ignores, and ostracizes the “Truth” in all its many forms (and images).
    Keep up the stellar good work in your very liberating art (creativity encouraging), service to us all. No wonder you are so popular.

  12. I’m a little late to the party, but look, guys: I’m a camera op for a news station, and I’m sure beyond any doubt that the framing of that shot was deliberate- not “bad” camera placement. It also strikes me as very likely that it was the camera op alone who made that decision and not some “media” conspiracy (“The Media” is a collection of individuals, some of whom do act on their own, you know).

    Remember the nerds in the AV club when you were in high school? Yeah, we all work in TV now, and this whole incident has more to do with a sophomoric sense of humor than any political agenda. Other than that Palin is an easy target for stuff like this.

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