Black Friday

Today is Black Friday, a day where thousands of turkey-stuffed shoppers put on their football helmets and elbow pads and prepare to work off Thanksgiving dinner by muscling their way through the madding crowds in order to find The Best Deal Ever.

We have thousands of Black Friday t-shirts – which is somewhat ironic given that shopping online for Black Friday gear eliminates the need to get out there and suffer through it.  Hmm.

So if you’re out there braving the holiday crowds and doing your part to stimulate the American economy, best of luck to you.  Be safe, keep your elbows up, and remember that you can always come home and shop online in your superhero pajamas.  We won’t tell.

  1. Hello,

    I know this is not related to the blog post but…it would be great to have euros as a currency in the drop down as well.

  2. I agree that it’s better to be online, avoiding the crazy malls this Black Friday season. You didn’t mention that by shopping online you also avoid the lineup at the post office to ship gifts to friends; it’s really easy to do that online at CafePress too.

    By the way, glad you liked My Black Friday design. If anyone wants them, you can find them at My CafePress store, Darkside Digital Arts, at


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