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CafePress is all about Community. The nature of our business brings together a really diverse group of people who all share one common interest: their own self-expression.

Our lively boards are a great place to meet some unique and fascinating folks – and not a bad
place to get some tips on how to be successful in our system, either. One thing we’re always pleased to see is how helpful our Community is in supporting each other with feedback, tips and props.

Occasionally, a CP customer goes that extra mile to personally deliver some feedback. While
we generally distribute these internally to give everyone that warm fuzzy feeling, we don’t usually share our love letters publicly. However, one letter speaks so clearly about the spirit of community and empowered self-expression that I decided to share it with y’all today. Because who doesn’t want a warm fuzzy feeling on Monday?

Dear Leslie,

I hope you are well. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for what CafePress has done for me and my family.

Before opening my first shop, I was blessed with a new baby. The delivery left me with a beautiful new daughter, some health complications, and a pile of bills. Of course the first addition was a delight,
the later two were the problem. I wasn’t able to go back to work even part-time because of the health problem, and so our debt continued to soar. All the while, my intention was to find something I could do at home so I could heal and stay-at-home with my baby. Then my brother introduced me to CafePress.

When I started my first store, I had no idea the value it would bring me. I opened it during the holiday season and was astonished to see my sales volume. My husband and I loved to see the emails roll in “You Made A Sale At!”. It was like hearing holiday music in our ears! After our first few months with CafePress, the stress of finances began to lighten from our shoulders and a sense of relief came to us knowing I could spend more time at home with my daughter.

Being inspired by my baby and the success of my first shop, I opened another shop. I had no idea what was in store for me next.  Within a month of opening it, I was handed the infamous $16 million lawsuit for
having clothing items designed with my own daughter’s nickname, Sweet Pea, on them. At that moment, my holiday profits didn’t look so bright and my short-lived stress vacation came to an end. But then, through the warm and professional help of Candice and CafePress staff, the defendants rallied
together. It was a very empowering battle that pursued over the course of the next few months. I gained knowledge, community support, and the power and resources to fight for a worthy cause beyond my own personal stake in the case.  We knew we were setting an example for other kinds of seemingly frivolous acts against other shopkeepers. Needless to say, we were delighted the outcome was mostly in our favor and the case was dismissed.

This experience didn’t taint my relationship with CafePress. In fact, it strengthened it. It showed me the integrity of the people and the company. Even though CafePress couldn’t back us up directly in
the case, as you were not officially named, we felt your strong and supporting presence through the process.

Through these experiences, I’ve seen what CafePress is really about. I see you are about much more than just printing designs on merchandise. I see you are about empowering people. You’ve empowered
me to be a better mom, by allowing me to stay home with my daughter. You’ve empowered me to lighten the financial load on my family. You’ve empowered me to stand up and fight for what is right and just.  You’ve empowered me to be a successful, home-based business owner. You have provided the right tools, the right products, the right staff, the perfect balance of support and independence, and outstanding integrity.

I look forward to growing my shops to the surpass our debt and generate an income greater than even my husband’s full time job. When a stay-at-home mom can do that, she is truly powerful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making your dreams part of my dreams and creating a mutual success.


If you’re not feeling warm and fuzzy yet, this pic should send you into that warm, fuzzy place…

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  1. Very inspiring I know I’ve been off work for awhile and now we are both out of work. Trying to work from home can be a lonely experience. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. CafePress! your nature of business is quite amazing…bringing people together from different walks of like. Thanks!
    Beth W.

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