Wind tunnel vision

Gas prices may be down, but Pickens Plan visionary T. Boone Pickens will warn you not to celebrate. In fact, he’ll point out that OPEC lowers oil prices whenever Americans get serious about losing our dependency on foreign oil, that this kind of intentional price fixing has gone on for decades, that our foreign oil consumption has risen from 24% to 70% in the past 40 years, and that it’s high time for the United States to get serious and use our own resources to produce our own energy.

So who is this guy, anyway? And what’s the Pickens Plan?

T. Boone Pickens is an Oklahoma oil billionaire who has a lot to say on the topic of oil and energy. These days he’s on a mission: replace at least 1/3 of our foreign oil imports in the next 10 years by harnessing natural energy native to the United States, most notably wind. As he puts it, “The United States is the Saudi Arabia of wind power.”

The Pickens Plan notes that using the windy Midwest to help power a nation will not only create clean, renewable energy but will also allow for job revitalization in these states.

The plan also calls for solar power, bio-fuels and natural gas as a replacement for oil – Pickens is most interested in shifting the trucking industry to natural gas, as trucks of that size can’t run on a hybrid engine. At this point most of our natural gas is used to produce electricity, so Pickens proposes a swap: use the sun and wind to produce electricity, swap vehicles (most notably trucking) over to natural gas, and we’ve just reduced our foreign oil investment by 1/3 or more while reinvesting money into our own economy, not to mention creating thousands of American jobs.

To help spread the word, they have a Pickens Plan shop with merchandise available at cost.  For more information about the plan or to get involved, check out the Pickens Plan website.

And yes, T. Boone himself wins a Fantasy T-Wearer award, with the “Stiff Breeze” design above.  Though he’s rarely seen out of a suit and tie, so perhaps a trucker hat might work better.

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