… And doggone it, people voted for me

ski minnesota t-shirtWhile this Presidential election was won by a large margin, the Senate election in Minnesota hearkens back to a previous Presidential election.  Too close for comfort, the Minnesota Senate race between SNL-alum-turned-Air-America-Reporter-turned-politican Al Franken and incumbent-likes-ads-with-bowlers-Norm Coleman is still undecided after Franken demanded a recount.

Al Franken t-shirtHand recounts are required in Minnesota in races wherein the margin of victory is less than 1/2 of 1%.  On election night, Coleman was reported to have won by several hundred votes out of the nearly 2.9 million cast.

The bitter rivalry between the two candidates ensured that nobody would go quietly.  The race is still underway a month later, though it’s reported that Franken is leading by a few thousand votes. The recount has involved thousands of challenges, hundreds of lawyers and the State Supreme Court.  Most recently, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a Coleman challenge that 130 ballots were counted twice.  There’s also an issue with 1600 “improperly rejected” absentee ballots.

Which is to say that this race shows no sign of being over in 2008.  It’s too bad that former Governor Jesse Ventura isn’t still in office, as a WWE throwdown for the office might be considerably less bloody.

Never never never give up buttonAnd so we award two Fantasy T-Wearer awards this week, though being that these are two campaigning politicians we’ll switch the t-shirt to a button.  May both men sport a “Never, never never give up” button with pride.  Appropriately, this is a Churchill quote.

me greater than you buttonAnd if they can’t even agree on wearing the same button, we have an alternate for Norm Coleman.

  1. huh!! As for me, I say, since the winner is bound to win by no more than a fistful of votes, and a virtually equal number of Minnesotans will have chosen each as their senator, have them both serve as senators, alternating by the ratio they have swapped leads on the vote recount!

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