Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas t-shirtHere’s wishing all of you a very merry Christmas and happy holiday season from the CafePress crew.

gingerbread man eggnog t-shirtHave a great holiday – eat well, enjoy yourself, and remember to be wary of Aunt Marnie’s lethal eggnog.  She always did tend to overdo certain ingredients…

Now for those of you who are scrambling for a last-minute gift, decoration or activity for house-bound hyperactive children pumped up on sugar (or adults pumped up on Aunt Marnie’s eggnog), here’s a practical and recession-chic crafting activity from one of our favorite DIY Shopkeepers, Jolene Sugarbaker:

I wonder if you could then dye the wreath with lime Jell-O, “Wizard of Oz” style… hmm.  Perhaps Jolene will experiment with this technique in a future installment…

We now bid you adieu with a holiday haiku:

It’s that time of year
Family, friends, fun, eggnog
Beware the fruitcake

We’ll see you all after the holiday!  Have a Merry Christmas.

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