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Self-expression is at the heart of CafePress – for every product made and sold, there’s a story to tell. (And that’s a lot of stories.)

Elections tend to bring out the best (and worst) of people. Either way, it brings them out to offer an opinion – and for some, that opinion is relegated to the privacy of a voting booth. But for many, election season is a time to give voice to your own State of the Union. Heck, those not motivated by politics have something to say, even if the statement is one of disinterest

We believe that you can start conversations, change minds and make history with your merchandise choices. So four score and seven days ago, we decided to start something by encouraging you to Start Something… this time, with photo and video.

We know that you’re out there making a statement and changing the world, and we want to know how.

Make a video. Take some photos. Make a statement.

The finer details:

  • This is not a contest. Everyone’s a winner. (You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and goshdarnit – people like you.)
  • We will be showcasing our staff favorites on the blog.
  • Video: upload to YouTube. Tag is cafepresident
  • Photo: upload to flickr. Tag is cafepresident
  • Submit by Friday, May 16
  • Shameless self-promotion is welcome in this endeavor, as long as it’s in the spirit of starting conversations and changing the world and all that good stuff. A screen shot of your storefront simply isn’t compelling – but a photo of your family all decked out in garb from your shop is. Awww.
  • Please, this exercise is one of sharing and community. Let’s all play nicely together and remember that tag spam is bad form and will engender negative commentary.

So that y’all could get an idea of what we’re looking for, we made our own videos.*

This video is the final product – “The Great Button Debate”:

And here, so you might get some ideas as to how to get these conversations started, it’s a longer video most appropriately entitled “The Making of ‘The Great Button Debate’…”

So there you have it. 300 buttons can start a lot of conversations, and you can too. Maybe you’re a military mom and the war is a personal issue. Maybe you’re a loudmouth peace activist who’s plastered your car in anti-war stickers. Or maybe you’re a dog nut who started a “Mutts 4 McCain” campaign at the local dog park.

Whoever you are, we’d like to know. Are you going door-to-door in an Obama thong? (Please, check local laws before trying this.) Are you starting conversations with your anti-Hillary T-shirt?

We’ll be adding more video and photos as we continue on starting something through this election and beyond, so be sure to check back.

Now get out there and Start Something.

*(Note: we absolutely tried to get some McCain supporters to talk with us, but despite hitting tourist areas were unfortunately unable to find a single McCain supporter in San Francisco that day. If you’re a McCain supporter and you get out there and get people talking, please share!)

  1. How about a shirt / bumper sticker / button that says “Bush-Cheney ’08”? Bet the libs on this site would have a coronary over that one! BUt you’d sell at least a million between now and November though. That silent majority will get you every time.

  2. “Maybe you’re a loudmouth peace activist”…..?… wtf… someone’s showing their bloodthirsty penchant for war. violence, bloodshed and destruction with such an ignorantly obviously display of a Freudian slip… congratulations… you’ve just turned me off to your service…

  3. What a fun idea. I did a youtube search for this tag and got a lot of unrelated stuff. Did you know that people can also post a “video reply” to your video or to a video you might add about this “video event” you are starting. It would be an easy way for you guys to find your responses. I hope I can find the time to play. Good luck with this.

  4. If you really wanted to find a McCain supporter, you’d need to go to a more “politically diverse” city. You won’t find that in San Francisco.

  5. Hey klunk,

    “Loudmouth” wasn’t meant to be derogatory, particularly in the context of getting out there, starting conversations and making some noise.

    (I actually have a belt that was made for me by a fellow pit bull activist that says “loudmouth” on it – and she didn’t make it to insult me. I love this belt.)

    But certainly there are quiet, understated styles of activism that can also start conversations and make for compelling video, so if you’re so motivated: please share yours!

    (Extra bonus points for video of interpretive dance and/or spoken word!)



  6. Hillary Rotten Clinton.. after trashing the whitehouse when she and her lying under oath husband left and after she agreed to abide by the rules concerning Mich. and Fla. now she wants to change the rules because she is losing in the delegate count.. why would such stupidass voters even think about letting them back into our Whitehouse…time for a change once and for all OBAMA

  7. hey leslie,

    i appreciate your need to explain the insensitivity of the statement… some people pride themselves on their insensitivity and like you apparently do, wear it as a badge of honor…

    it does however, not mitigate its nature… nor does your explanation… a recognition of its implications would have resulted in an acknowledgement, not in a dismissive excuse… but, thanks for not trying…

  8. Cant buy any tees from Cafepress because some of them are in such poor taste I would rather not be associated with them.
    Clearly Cafepress’s owner is a Republican or he wouldnt be selling such revolting, tacky Obama gear that would make Senator Obama lose the election if seen in public.
    For this reason I recommend that everyone shop elsewhere.
    This store just doesnt get it.

  9. Hey Elsie –

    The designs in the CafePress system are user-generated. If you don’t like what’s showing up, please feel free to join the public discourse by making your own designs.



  10. Leslie, what do you mean? Who is making some of this stuff? It is disgusting. Why cant CafePress exclude extremist tees?
    And I mean that for either candidate.

  11. For example, blue language and “hoes.” Get real. Beyond disrespectful. Suggests to me that Cafepress is praying some idiot will wear them so some understandingly paranoid person will resort to the stereotype and tell at least 10 other probably decent, kind human beings who want to believe beautiful rhetoric like “I Have A Dream” but no longer are willing to take a chance because they “dont want no gangsta chollos in our White House, oh my!” Please stop.

  12. Hey Elsie –

    We invented user-generated commerce. What that means: folks like yourself are designing and selling these shirts. When somebody buys a product we print it and send it to the buyer, and the designer makes a profit (we call this a “markup”). We print things one at a time, so as a seller you don’t have to order a bunch of stuff up front. We also do all the order processing, fulfillment, customer service and returns.

    Because all our designs are created by individuals, our products are a reflection of the public discourse. If you don’t like what’s on somebody else’s mind, join the conversation with your own design. We get 40,000 new products added per day – the voice of the people is being worn loudly fer sure.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email blog@cafepress.com.


  13. This is a pretty good video. The comments on McCain’s changing words to “Barbara Ann” and Barack being the least of three evils were lol funny.

  14. Poll Results
    If Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination, should he pick Mayor Bloomberg to be his running mate?
    Yes 73%

    No 27%

    If Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination, should he pick Mayor Bloomberg to be his running mate?
    Yes 73%

    No 27%

    The citizens of the United States of America wants a government of accountability— Need more be said?

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