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snowzilla t-shirtMost people consider building a snowman to be a family-friendly winter activity.  Heck, the snowman is a symbol of the very Christmas season, with its most famous member inspiring songs and animated specials about his corncob pipe and button nose and 2 eyes made out of coal.

And then there’s Snowzilla.  Whose eyes, in years past, have been made out of beer bottles.

snowzillaProving that size does matter, Snowzilla is 25 feet high this year and is getting his landlord (though thankfully not himself) in a lot of hot water.  Anchorage city officials have declared Snowzilla to be a public nuisance, and have told Snowzilla’s … er, owner/landord?… in past years to put a stop to his gigantic snowman-making.  Billy Powers, in whose yard the “very handsome” Snowzilla has been erected in the past by his own army of bio-elves (he has 7 children), claims that that he didn’t have anything to do with Snowzilla this time around.

Snowzilla was demolished by the order of the City this year, but mysteriously reappeared bigger and cheerier than ever shortly thereafter.  Powers claims he had nothing to do with Snowzilla’s reappearance, and credits “Christmas magic” for Snowzilla’s unexpected resurrection.

Which is to say that… well, Snowzilla happens.

Fans of Snowzilla have set up a Snowzilla shop and donation site in case Mr. Powers has legal fees that need to be covered.  Anchorage officials claim they’ll “deal with” the magical but unlawful reappearance of Snowzilla after Christmas.

A local news story has some nice pictures of Snowzilla, as well as an interview with a City Manager who probably never thought he’d be entering public office to make official press statements about the dangers of an abominable snowman.

Have a safe holiday weekend, and remember: size does matter.

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