It’s easy being green

carbon footprintA green thing happened here within the green walls recently: we partnered with Earth Lab for their 2008 Earth Day Challenge. They have a groovy tool on the site to measure your carbon impact, and a goal to have everyone decrease that by 15% by the end of this year.

Are you game? Take the challenge and find out! And remember, there’s lots of things you can do even with Earth Day being over – every day can be Earth Day, after all.

And here’s 3 good tips to reduce your carbon footprint, brought to you by Earth Lab:
  1. Learn how to recycle all your household goods, from clothing to appliances.
  2. Re-use envelopes, jars, paper bags, scrap paper, etc.
  3. Imagine the kind of Earth you would like to see for your grandchildren’s grandchildren.
  1. Hi everyone!

    First of all, thanks for the great tank top I just ordered and received! M

    My little contribution to the reduction of my personal carbon footprint is that I have semi retired my sweet little VW Bug (Rosie). I recently purchased an electric scooter to cut down my gas consumption, take care of short trips in town, to the library, grocery store, etc. Now I have another really cool way to make another positive environmental statement!

    Now I just need a new name for Rosie’s side kick…she is red too. lol (scooter) And I’ll proudly wear the tank top from Cafe Press that states…Beware, the evil scooter kitty

    And should anyone ask…why evil? I’ll say…Because scooters are going to take over the WORLD!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

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