Rock the Inauguration

obama inauguration t-shirtYou don’t have to get to D.C. to participate in the inauguration – this year, you can dress the part in the comfort of your own home with the Very Official Rolling Stone Commemorative Inauguration T-Shirt That Benefits Rock The Vote And Only Costs $15.

For short, you can call it the VORSCITS.  Or you can just call it the Awesome Obama Inauguration T-Shirt.  Or the Rad $15 Inauguration T-shirt of 2008.  Whatever you call it, you might want to get one now before we run out.  Unlike most CafePress products, this one here’s a Limited Edition T-Shirt and that means that we will actually be out of stock at some obama inauguration beaniepoint, for real.  Which means that we can say “Act now while supplies last!,”  which is a pretty rare and novel day for us ’round these parts.  So I think I’ll enjoy this new, fleeting freedom and remind you to Get it Now Before It’s Too Late!! (using exclamation points here to underline the sense of urgency).

BumbleI also get to say this: Free Gift With $50 Purchase!  Yep, if you spend $50 you do get a cool Obama beanie to go with your Obama t-shirt.  This beanie will come in very handy indeed if you actually attend the inauguration, as the East Coast seems to have been hit of late by temperatures more amenable to a snow yeti than to its human residents.

Of course, if you miss this Limited Time Offer (!!! – urgency, folks) we have a couple hundred thousand other inauguration t-shirts, as well as 2.1 million Obama t-shirts (and growing), and those will be for sale for the forseeable future.   Since that’s a lot of stuff to sift through, we did pick the top 44 T-Shirt designs (seeing as how he’s the 44th President and all) so that looking for the perfect Obama T-Shirt doesn’t give you carpal tunnel syndrome.

voting t-shirtThe $15 Inauguration Tee is a joint project with Rock the Vote and Rolling Stone – the former is the beneficiary of the proceeds and a partner we’ve worked with throughout the election, and the latter worked with its artists to come up with a hip, memorable design that captures the spirit of the Obama inauguration.  The 2008 election was a historic one for Rock the Vote: 2.5 million online registration forms were downloaded, constituting the largest voter registration initiative in history.  That’s not quite as many forms downloaded as Obama products created by you, but it’s 80 times the number of Obama thongs.

So remember:  Act Now, For A Limited Time Only, While Supplies Last, Commemorative Limited Edition and Free Gift with Purchase!

And hey, if you’re not one to be swept up in Obamamania you could also go retro and start a Reagan or Kennedy t-shirt craze at your own leisure.

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